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In the fourth and revived episode of Signs w/ Pace Maier, he chats about being extra and how it can be a good thing. Ever hear anyone say, "Pick your battles?" How about take all your battles with you and make something out of them. #KeepBoominโดย Signs w/ Pace Maier
On the third episode of Signs w/ Pace Maier, he talks about why he missed an upload last week. (Sorry about that guys and gals :\ but I'm back!. He also tells a story about the email in his inbox he received two days ago that was from 27 month old thread. SUper weird and creepy. What should he do about it? Let him know @pacetheaceND…
On the second episode of Signs w/ Pace Maier, he talks about his date and how she could be the next golfer on the horizon. He also talks about how taking your pet to the vet is spendy but also necessary. He ends the podcast talking about how calling your parents once a week isn't a horrible idea. Hope everyone enjoys!…
On the first episode of Signs w/ Pace Maier, he talks a little bit about his background and why he started the podcast. He also gives a mini preview of what pissed him off this past week. This episode is a shorter one than most will be but he didn't want to bore you to death on the first episode.โดย Signs w/ Pace Maier
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