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The guys look back at the history and some noteworthy matches from the long forgotten WWF Light Heavyweight championship. WARNING: It takes them 30 minutes of rambling to get to the retrospective.
To mark their 3rd Anniversary the guys start their new series of looking back on a classic PPV. They start with undoubtedly the peak of British Bulldog's career with SummerSlam 92. There's a lot of stuff surrounding this show to delve into before discussing whether or not this is a one match show.
The guys decide to have their own fantasy draft but with a twist. Paul is taking over Impact & Scott is in charge of a TNA show so they divide the current Impact roster to see who can make the better show We hope to expand on this concept going forward.
The guys are back with all things Impact looking at the stories from Victory Road as we are fast on the road to Bound For Glory. They also look at new TV Deals, ideas for RVD & Different things you can put on a pole
After a longer than usual talk about the current product the guys finally get back to next instalment of the In Your House series They differ in their opinions about a show featuring controversial title changes & a key debut.
Filled with positivity & alcohol the guys accept their punishment as they look at a list matches Nathan has given them The caveat is they can't say anything negative about them. Surely they can handle it
The guys decide to look back at the good days of WCW with one of the most important PPV's in the company's history. It's more than a one match show as the cruiserweights go all out and Ric flair challenges for the US title
The guys finally have to do their punishment for losing WrestleMania predictions to Rogue Opinions. With a lot of alcohol fuelling them they look at a show that starts well before all hope quickly fades and they see why WCW is dead.
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