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From stories to realize the meaning of life and Buddhism. Update every Tuesday. If you like our channel, please describe and follow the new episode. 《LingYen Mountain Temple Canada - Chanting Series》 : Donation for Temple Construction to plant seeds in the field of blessings, please click here: 《LingYen Mountain Temple Canada - Dharma Series》 : Donation for Temp ...
In this podcast, Mike Lipkin shows you how to deliver the ultimate value proposition: causing breakthroughs with others. Lipkin defines a breakthrough as an action that moves someone through an obstacle. Or it’s a sudden insight that enables someone to achieve a remarkable result. Or it’s a personal victory over doubt that liberates someone from their fear. Or it’s a decisive discovery that precipitates extraordinary progress. Or it’s the accomplishment of significant personal success. Peopl ...
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For those people who feel lucky, even the setbacks they endured in 2020 will become their stepping-stones in 2021. Are you one of them? What would you do differently if you consciously and intentionally felt lucky?โดย Mike Lipkin
We all have super-powers that are waiting to be unleashed. Just like Peter Parker’s precognitive spider-sense ability or Diana Prince’s superhuman strength and speed, we have Certainty, Charisma and Conditioning.โดย Mike Lipkin
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