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Rachel Horman-Brown

Rachel Horman-Brown

Rachel Horman

Rachel Horman-Brown is a Solicitor and Head of Domestic Violence & Forced Marriage Department at Watson Ramsbottom Solicitors. An advanced Resolution specialist in DV & Forced Marriage, Family Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year 2012, Jordan's Family Law Partner of the Year 2014, Law Society Excellence Awards 2016, media commentator.
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Rachel Horman on BBC Asian Network with Mobeen Azhar feature on Stalking including victims of stalking discussing their experiences and Home Office data in relation to numbers of stalking offences. Interviews also with the Crown Prosecution Service and Sarah Wollaston MP.โดย Rachel Horman
Rachel Horman speaking on BBC Radio 5Live with Emma Barnett on Monday 15th April 2019, discussing Stalking Protection Orders and the need for a serial perpetrators register in a feature which includes stalking victims describing their experiences.โดย Rachel Horman
Interview from BBC 5 Live with Emma Barnett discussing Sally Challen's case being heard in the Court of Appeal and the potential impact of a succesful appeal in relation to coercive control cases.โดย Rachel Horman
Rachel Horman in a Radio 5 Live broadcast on the subject of coercive control and stalking. Rachel presents her view that the only explanation for continued failures of the police, in investigating coercive control and stalking crimes, is endemic misogyny within police forces in England and Wales. For further information please visit: https://www.ra…
Solicitor Rachel Horman speaking on BBC Radio Ulster 6th June 2018 discussing stalking and stalking legislation in Northern Ireland. See also Rachel's blog post - Northern Irish victims deserve stalking legislation and a perpetrator register tooโดย Rachel Horman
Rachel Horman on BBC 5 Live with Nihal 180418 discussing male victims of domestic abuse. See also related blog post http://www.rachelhorman.co.uk/2018/06/why-are-male-d…bly-than-womenโดย Rachel Horman
Rachel Horman speaking on BBC Radio 4 discussing stalking with Eddie Mair following an interview with Emily Maitlis describing her prolonged experiences as a victim of stalking.โดย Rachel Horman
Rachel Horman took part in a BBC 5Live investigates feature on domestic violence and pets.The abuse victims too scared to leave violent relationships because they're worried their pets will be maimed or killed. Domestic abuse charities have told 5 live Investigates they've received thousands of reports about violent men who target animals as a way …
The government have announced that the maximum sentence for stalking is set to be increased following a campaign led by Paladin, the National Stalking Advocacy Service. Solicitor Rachel Horman, Chair of Paladin and Head of Domestic Abuse, Stalking and Harassment at Watson Ramsbottom Solicitors discusses the announcement on BBC Radio Lancashire with…
Rachel Horman, Solicitor and Chair of Paladin, the National Stalking Advocacy Service speaking to Nikki Bedi on BBC Radio London about proposals for increased sentences for stalking offences - 28th October 2016โดย Rachel Horman
The singer Lilly Allen says she felt 'victim shamed' over the way police dealt with her stalking case. 5Live's Phil Williams speaks to solicitor and chair of Paladin Rachel Horman who supports victims, and a former police officer.โดย Rachel Horman
Rachel Horman on Radio 5Live with Adrian Chiles 15th December 2015 discussing HMIC report on increase in domestic violence cases.โดย Rachel Horman
Rachel Horman on BBC Radio Lancs 10th December 2015 discussing domestic abuse during the Christmas period and new legislation #domesticabuse #rachelhormanโดย Rachel Horman
Domestic Abuse Solicitor Rachel Horman discussing the announcement by the Home Secretary of new domestic abuse legislation to criminalise coercive, controlling and pyschological abuse - BBC Radio Woman's Hour 19th December 2014โดย Rachel Horman
Rachel Horman discussing the proposals for new domestic abuse legislation being considered by government on BBC Radio Lancashire Gary Hickson show 20th August 2014โดย Rachel Horman
Domestic Abuse Lawyer Rachel Horman on 5Live's Your Call with Tony Livesey discussing proposed new legislation to make domestic abuse a criminal offence.โดย Rachel Horman
On Monday June 16th 2014 new legislation came into force making both forced marriage and breaching a Forced Marriage Protection Order criminal offences. Solicitor Rachel Horman and Lancashire's Assistant police and Crime Commissioner discuss the new legislation on BBC Radio Lancashire with Graham Liver. #rachelhorman, #domesticabuselawyer #forcedma…
Stalking victim Helen Pearson discusses with Victoria Derbyshire how she was stalked over the course 4 years culminating in being attacked and stabbed multiple times by her stalker after making over 100 complaints to the police. Rachel Horman discusses support available from the National Stalking Helpline and Paladin the National Stalking Advocacy …
A study published last December in the medical journal Lancet said that self-harm rates were more than ten times higher in female prisoners than in male inmates. The Women in Prison organisation says women account for a disproportionate amount of self-harm, 28%, despite making up only 5% of the prison population. VoR's Juliet Spare hosts a debate. …
Thursday 24th April 2014 is National Stalking Awareness Day. Each year there is a different theme, this year it is “Working without Fear”. The aim is to eliminate workplace stalking and provide information to employers on how they can help employees who may be victims of stalking.โดย Rachel Horman
Victims' Law: Will it make a difference to those who have lost loved ones? Juliet Spare with: John and Penny Clough, whose daughter Jane was violently murdered by her former partner, who had been granted bail for raping Jane in 2010. Rachel Horman, solicitor and head of the Domestic Violence and Forced Marriage Department at Watson Ramsbottom. Read…
Segment from BBC Radio 5 Live 8th December 2013 discussing the issue of undercharging by the CPS. Rachel Horman covers the impact this has on Domestic Abuse cases.โดย Rachel Horman
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