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00:50 - Hockey is Back3:20 - Bruins First Game, Chara thoughts 10:00 - Islanders Rangers13:50 - Initial thoughts on Canadian Division Play22:50 - Flyers Penguins26:50 - East Divison initial thoughts 32:15 - Is the Bruins Window Closing?38:30 - Kaprizov Debut42:10 - Blues Avalanche 46:20 - NBC Broadcast Crew Changes56:05 - Lake Tahoe Outdoor Games…
00:30 - The NHL Returns5:15 - Favorites to win each division 27:00 - Offseason Moves38:00 - Retro Jerseys & Logos on helmets46:10 - Offsides Rule Change49:25 - World Juniorsโดย Puck That Podcast
00:30 - Tampa Wins the Cup4:30 - Can Tampa create a dynasty?9:00 - Henrik Lundqvist15:00 - Recent Trades19:00 - Vegas 3rd Jerseys 26:00 - The Draft36:30 - Torey Krug and Bruins rumorsโดย Puck That Podcast
00:30 - 2nd Round First thoughts 11:05 - Vegas Goaltending Controversy? 14:35 - Capitals Fire Coach18:40 - Milbury Canceled 23:55 - TOR and PIT Trade28:00 - Tampa Vs. Boston33:00 - Flyers Vs. Islanders 36:08 - Stars Vs. Avalanche42:00 - Vegas Vs. Canucksโดย Puck That Podcast
00:50 - WSH VS. NYI4:30 - BOS VS. CAR 7:15 - Tuukka Ops out11:30 - TBL VS. CLB16:10 - PHI VS. MTL 19:20 - COL VS. ARI 23:15 - VGK VS. CHI 27:45 - STL VS. VAN32:00 - DAL VS. CGY 35:20 - Rangers win draft lotteryโดย Puck That Podcast
1:00- Mike Babcock Fired 5:35- Garnet Hathaway9:30- Florida Panthers looking good 13:00- Tampa Bay Struggle17:05- Carolina Hurricanes Talk 20:10- New York Islanders Stayin Hot24:07- New Jersey Devils Chat29:00- Arizona Coyotes surprising fans32:50- Can the Oilers keep it going?36:50- David Pastrnak is on fire 40:15- Bruins Shootout Struggles…
00:50- Surprising Starts to the NHL season 11:20- Bruins Goaltending14:00- Bruins Defense17:10- Bruins Line Combinations21:00- B’s get 2 goals called backed vs. Avs28:40- Bruins Next four gamesโดย Puck That Podcast
1:22- Recent RFA Signings 6:40- Summer UFA Signings 10:05- Bruins offseason moves13:02- Atlantic Division Preview16:40- Metro Division Preview21:15- Central Divison Preview 25:32- Pacific Divison Preview31:45- Rule Changesโดย Puck That Podcast
1:50- Game 7, What went wrong for Bruins?13:50- The Blues lift the Cup 19:35- Bruins pending RFA’s and UFA’s33:35- Early Offseason News around the league41:35- The Draft, potential offseason moves, and Tuukka Rask Hatersโดย Puck That Podcast
1:00 - The Series so far…12:55 - The Blown call in Game 518:25 - What is it going to take for the Bruins to force a game 7?26:15 - Goaltending throughout the series so farโดย Puck That Podcast
00:50- 2nd Round Recap9:45- Bruins Hurricanes ECF (B’s take game 1)21:07- Blues Sharks Western Conference Finals29:22- Conference Finals predictionsโดย Puck That Podcast
00:45- Tampa Bay and Pittsburgh swept11:47- Flames Avalanche series17:40- Sharks Knights series25:12- Jets Blues Series30:00- Preds Stars Series35:55- Capitals Hurricanes Series43:21- Boston Toronto Seriesโดย Puck That Podcast
1:10 Coaching Changes 8:40 Western Conference Match ups 8:50 Calgary Flames Vs. Colorado Avalanche 12:01 San Jose Sharks Vs. Las Vegas Golden Knights15:15 Nashville Prredators Vs. Dallas Stars 18:36 Winnipeg Jets Vs. St. Louis 23:00 Eastern Conference 23:05 New York Islanders Vs. Pittsburgh Penguins25:56 Washington Capitals Vs. Carolina Hurricanes3…
1:05 Thrilling Wild Care Race in the East12:00 Eastern Conference Potential Matchups17:45 Western Conference Matchups29:20 Final Wild Card spot in West 37:45 Ovechkin Chasing Gretzky 42:40 Bruins 7th player awardโดย Puck That Podcast
1:30 Bruins and McGregor 7:50 Making Regular Season OT longer? 12:20 Wild Card in the East20:40 Ideal playoff matchups in East 26:14 Western Conference Playoff matchups36:33 Stars and Panthers talkโดย Puck That Podcast
1:35 Bruins point streak9:45 Whalers Jerseys 13:30 Johansson Injury 22:25 Columbus is all in27:55 3 on 3 continuous OT over Shootout? 33:00 Wild Card Race38:40 Pacific Divisionโดย Puck That Podcast
Episode 29 times1:10 Whats up around the League3:30 Western Conference Wild Card 10:50 Eastern Conference Chat 19:45 Trades and Trade Rumors30:20 Bruins Talk45:00 Our weekly hot teamsโดย Puck That Podcast
1:15- Winter Classic 11:40- Edmonton fires chiarelli and all star game thoughts22:10- Advanced player tracking27:50- Florida Panthers and possible deadline moves46:40 Edmonton Oilers50:00 Bruins chat58:30 - Leafs Get Muzzinโดย Puck That Podcast
2:20- Bruins Chat12:20- New Playoff Structure? 20:00- NHLs marketing and rivalries 32:10- Does Edmonton have a culture issue?39:10- Ovi is going off!44:35- Will Q end up in Philly? 51:05- Winter Classic Preview 55:25- San Jose Sharks are rollingโดย Puck That Podcast
1:10- Reaves & Wison Hits6:30- Should the NHL include hits and fights on their highlight reals?11:20- Scott Darling waived14:55- Seattle is official 22:55- Pacific Divison 27:25- Bruins Talk33:00- Sticking up for teammates after big hits38:00- Weekly Teams of the week picksโดย Puck That Podcast
1:00- News Around the League (Trades, Coaches and a GM Fired)8:35- Bruins Talk20:10- The Mess in the Pacific Divison 24:00- Central Divison 25:20- The Metro29:45- Laine turns it on!34:50- Weekly Picks44:25- Bruins Goaltendingโดย Puck That Podcast
1:00- Whats New? Gritty, Matheson Hit, more..5:15- Marchand vs Eller 8:10- Surprises thus far 12:30- The Leafs and the Mcdavid vs Matthews debate17:15- Bruins 2nd line questions and more23:30- Carolina off to a good start 29:30- Teams to keep an eye on moving forwardโดย Puck That Podcast
episode 21 times1:10 Bergeron injury thoughts3:15 Lee Stempniak6:25 Halak Chat 10:20 Ottawa Senators need help15:15 Uniform watch (3rd jerseys)20:50 Should Montreal trade Carey Price?25:30 Buffalo Sabres thoughtsโดย Puck That Podcast
2:45 - Bruins possible line combinations10:10 - Bruins Goaltending situation 15:05 - Thoughts on Bruce Cassidy 18:30 - News and Updates from around the league23:10 - Teams with the most interesting storylines heading into the season plus a big trade 36:30 - Atlantic Dvision outlook 40:38 - Is Fortnite a problem in the NHL?…
episode 19 times 2:00 Bufallo Sabres 4:00 NHL’s “Sweet 16” and the Florida Panthers8:30 Bruins chat (Players we are excited about)12:10 Artemi Panarin 16:45 Ilya Kovalchuk and the Kings21:10 Vegas Golden Knights Chatโดย Puck That Podcast
episode 18 times1:05- Mike Hoffman Trade/Scandal4:15- Auston Watson 5:45- NHL Awards reactions12:08- NHL Draft reactions15:00- Bruins Development Camp25:00- John Tavares & Free Agencyโดย Puck That Podcast
Times1:15- Initial thoughts, Caps take 3-1 lead over Vegas in Finals4:20- Special Guest Mark Divver (Bruins Insider) Bruins Talk, P-Bruins, Prospects, Players to look out for, and More)30:35- Stanley Cup Finals, who has stood out? How the Caps are up 3-1 on Vegas42:00- Can Vegas comeback or Is it actually the Caps Year? Can we get some Playoff Over…
Times:00:40- Vegas takes Game 1 9:40- Reaves non-call leads to goal?11:57- Wilson Hit16:30- Vegas “Pre Game Hype” thoughts22:25- The Goaltending26:15- The importance of the 4th Line31:20- Predictions, Key Factors, & Final Thoughtsโดย Puck That Podcast
Episode 14 times1:20 Vegas Advances to Stanley Cup Finals6:30 Caps and Tampa Game 6 preview, Can Ovi and the Caps force 7?18:00 With Sports Gambling set to become legal how will it impact the NHL and injury announcements?23:11 Stanley Cup Predictions and Potential Scenarios 32:46 Early Conn Smythe Predictions and more…
1:05- Jets & Caps advance to 3rd Round5:30- Jets win vs Knights in game 1 of WCF10:20- More Ref issues 14:52- Caps win games 1 & 2 in Tampa23:00- First look at Bruins Offseason & Exit Interviews38:00 Conference Finals Predictionsโดย Puck That Podcast
May 7th, 201800:40- Bruins Post Mortem3:18- Bruins Lightning series 17:00- The Refs 23:10- Rick Nash & Ryan Donato Thoughts30:05- Vegas Eliminates the Sharks32:30- Preds Jets Series35:15- Caps Pens Series 38:29- Predictions & Final Thoughtsโดย Puck That Podcast
April 26th, 201800:45 Bruins Beat Leafs in game 7 12:50 Bruins vs Lightning Preview17:15 Pen vs Caps Preview20:50 Preds vs. Jets Preview 24:50- Sharks vs. Knights Preview30:25- Trophy Nomineesโดย Puck That Podcast
1:09 Vegas and San Jose both up 3-04:30 Avs, Wild, and Devils get their first wins9:35 Caps vs Blue Jackets: Do the caps just love finding ways to lose?12:30 Philly vs Pitt: Can we get a close game?16:06 Bruins vs Leafs: results, notes, and predictions22:05 Delay of Game Penalties23:35 Series Predictions 34:25- NHL Team in Seattle…
April 10th 2018(Playoff Matchup Previews and Predictions) Eastern Conference-1:36 Tampa Bay vs New Jersey 7:45 Columbus vs Washington 13:54 Boston vs Toronto 20:28 Philly vs PittWestern Conference-23:42 Nashville vs Colorado 27:30 Vegas vs LA33:12 Jets vs Wild37:19 Sharks vs Ducks 42:46 Season Awards45: 50 Goals and Saves of the year…
April 2nd, 20181:30 Bruins Past few games; standouts5:50 Bruins line ups8:49 Chara Contract extension12:14 Nesn 7th Player award15:30 most disappointing teams in NHL this year20:30 Sedins Retire24:25 Bruins final games32:00 Carlo Injury34:00 Potential Playoff Matchups 34:00 potential playoff matchups…
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