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Amy and Julie talk about hockey, giving the highlights, the lowlights, and the thighlights from the perspective of two female Caps fans in the DMV. The Puck 'Er Up Podcast is in no way affiliated with Pucker Up Sports or puckerupsports.com.
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Recorded May 2, 2021. On Taylor Hall not having to be the hero, Tom Wilson (but not about what you're thinking), PK vs Covid, Ovi's LBI, and Jakub Vrana in Detroit. Then we play an extensive game of Analyst/Coach/Real Estate Agent.โดย Puck 'Er Up
Recorded April 14, 2021. Vancouver vs. Covid vs. the NHL, the trade deadline, Ryan Reaves remains a piece of shit, and why you should be a New Jersey Devils fan if you feel like the Capitals betrayed you this week.โดย Puck 'Er Up
Recorded March 29, 2021. The Buffalo Sabres vs the Philadelphia Flyers, bad things happened to Brendan Lemieux and he deserved it, and we aren't really sure what the Capitals are doing with their defense but Laviolette definitely hates Siegenthaler, right? Bad takes on hot teams, Ralph Krueger gets fired, and the Baltimore Football Goth House.…
Recorded March 10, 2021. Peter Hassett joins us to ask the biggest question, which is "WHAT IS THE FUCKING MESSAGE, GARY?" while the puppy cries the entire show (sorry). Also, how NHL coaches are like Highlanders, Evander Kane, whether or not Peter Laviolette hates Jonas Siegenthaler, Walter Gretzky, Jeff Skinner, a big fuck you to Jamie Benn, and …
Recorded February 16, 2021. Coronavirus special! Who had it, what teams got games postponed because of it, and the miracle of how they possibly could've caught an aerosol-borne virus while playing hockey games! Also, Matt Calvert's pink visor, the very definition of boarding, the Vitek Vanecek defense squad, MANSCAPED! (the musical?), YouTube drama…
Recorded January 11, 2021. Is the season gonna happen? We don't know. We talk Evander Kane, Bill Belichick (?!), the new Capitals goalie tandem, and which member of BTS the Capitals would have as their bias. No, we don't know what the fuck is up with Julie's audio in this.โดย Puck 'Er Up
Recorded September 20, 2020. Ice, Ice, Baby. The President's Trophy Curse. A lot about Marcus Johansson getting traded to the Minnesota Wild. A super-sized "What's The Message, Gary?" segment, why Laviolette is fine all things considered, a very special anniversary, and a lot of waxing poetic about how much we love Anton Khudobin.…
Recorded August 25, 2020. This is the Matt Niskanen Fan Episode. We also talk controversy (Jon Marchessault, Logan Couture, Mike Milbury), the Capitals getting eliminated from the playoffs, and officially turn into a Dallas Stars podcast for the rest of the season.โดย Puck 'Er Up
Recorded August 11, 2020. We don't know anymore, TBL v. CBJ is in 4OT. Alexis Lafreniere is going to be a Ranger and we feel sorry for him. Arby's jokes, the lusciousness of Radko Gudas's beard, and props to Ryan Reaves for probably the first and only time.โดย Puck 'Er Up
Recorded March 18, 2020. Julie, Amy, and Donya talk the Ultimate Buffalo Sabres Fan Experience, Pride Night with the Rangers, Rona Quarantine, and play Draft Class F*ck Marry Kill.โดย Puck 'Er Up
Recorded December 5, 2019. Julie and Amy talk about racism in the NHL, why Robin Lehner needs to sit down and shut up, discipline in post-spitgate America, John Hynes's firing, and a lot more in a VERY delayed episode where Amy sounds like Kathleen Turner due to plague.โดย Puck 'Er Up
Recorded October 28, 2019. Julie and Amy talk World Series, how bad the Devils are, the Capitals' western Canada road swing, and David Pastrnak's suit game. Oh, and all the worst suggestions for the Capitals' Halloween costumes.โดย Puck 'Er Up
Recorded September 26, 2019. Julie and Amy take to the streets of Frederick, Maryland as they podcast live from Tenth Ward Distilling Company. Joined by Ian from Russian Machine Never Breaks and Amanda from Tenth Ward, they talk distilling, craft cocktails, Mitch Marner's big stupid contract, and oh yeah - Capitals hockey is back, baby!Watch the Vi…
Recorded August 28, 2019. Big Name Caps Fan Sam the Horn Guy joins us to talk the MTV VMAs (?) and his origin story. We also cover RFAs (again), Kuznetsov (again), and talk about the final count of the Dangle Jar and the origin of the Crasher Shot (and doing Crasher Shots with Steve Dangle) - and you can get all the details for our remote recording…
Recorded August 14, 2019. In the most NSFW episode ever, Julie and Amy discuss RFAs (including Mitch Marner, at length), Brooks Laich's toe fetish, and drive up the value of the Dangle Jar. Oh, and Pumpkin Spice Lattes.โดย Puck 'Er Up
Recorded July 31, 2019. We talk Caps cap woes, thongs, William Nylander's cornrows (and watermelon crushers), and have a very special guest in Ollie the foster dog who has the loudest bark in the history of existence. Also, Julie attempts at length to describe what shitty ice feels like to skate on.โดย Puck 'Er Up
Recorded July 9, 2019. We talk Free Agent Frenzy, Stranger Things (mild spoilers?), and trades. Julie reveals ancient Leo secrets to help you better understand Sidney Crosby and the best ways to numb yourself to Free Agency heartbreak.โดย Puck 'Er Up
Recorded June 24, 2019. The cat is an agent of chaos, Kuzy and Ollie are humping in the kitchen, and Henry is very distraught to be left out of everything. Oh, and Julie and Amy do some talking about the draft, the awards, and the salary cap in there somewhere. (Emetophobia TW from 26:31 to 28:09 and from 29:13 to 30:50.)…
Recorded June 12, 2019. Amy's mom Pam joins us and we talk 60's nylons, the Bruins, Amy's first hockey game, and the infamous nut huggers. Oh, and the Bruins lose the Stanley Cup final, so Julie legitimately sobs on recording. Awkwarddddd.โดย Puck 'Er Up
Recorded May 27, 2019. With a lack of actual hockey content due to a 11 day Bruins layoff, Julie and Amy talk about the Game of Thrones finale, Julie's white boy face blindness, which Bruin may be The Bruin For You, and what summery drinks the Washington Capitals are. TRIGGER WARNING: we talk about the Kuznetsov thing from 18:47 to 20:23 and 21:19 …
Recorded April 29, 2019. Julie and Amy talk about playoff officiating (again), Mike Milbury's vendetta against Marcus Johansson, Calder and Hart trophy noms, Finnish boyfriends, and play a round of FMK for which pending Washington Capitals free agent should get a contract this summer. (With a surprise special guest.)…
Recorded April 16, 2019. Sweeps, playoff officiating, and what even is the message, Gary? You know, the usual. Our brackets are busted, Taylor Hall is a witch, Alex Ovechkin knocked a guy out. Situation normal.โดย Puck 'Er Up
Recorded April 3, 2019. Julie and Amy explore the pitfalls of allowing your hockey-loving friends stay with you, whether or not TBL (the team and their fans) have always been awful, and come to the terrible discovery that they may, in fact, be Flyers fans.โดย Puck 'Er Up
Recorded February 19, 2019. Julie and Amy talk about Hockey Day On The Hill, the NWHL, and Jumbo Joe Thornton almost setting his rooster free. And in less fun stuff: how bad the sloth - uh, defense corps are.โดย Puck 'Er Up
Recorded February 4, 2019. Peter Hassett from Russian Machine Never Breaks joins Julie and Amy to talk about stats, player and puck tracking, whether or not the Caps suck, why the Devils definitely suck, and oh, by the way, does Braden Holtby actually know how to play that guitar?โดย Puck 'Er Up
Recorded January 21, 2019. Nathan and Ryan of Knuble's Knights and Brouwer Rangers fame join us to talk about spandex, Little Caesar's Arena, and being a fly on the wall. Then we talk about the Jersey Devils and salami, which are not as different as you might think when it comes to letting Julie talk about things.…
Recorded January 7, 2019. A lot of talk about the Dallas Stars, the Hershey Bears, and the All Star Game (CALL US GARY, WE HAVE A PLAN TO FIX IT). Oh, and the Devils are bad, but it's probably not their coach's fault.โดย Puck 'Er Up
Recorded November 12, 2018. Special guest Bryan joins the pod to talk about arbitration and labor laws and the collective bargaining agreement and to really dig down deep into whether or not Jakub Vrana is a good hockey player and - wait for it - whether or not the New Jersey Devils are bad.โดย Puck 'Er Up
Recorded September 29, 2018. Very special guest Donya joins Julie and Amy to talk preseason, alternate jerseys, and William Nylander's lack of a contract. Oh, and all the ways we're gonna die at Capital One Arena due to the new Pour Your Own Beer stands.โดย Puck 'Er Up
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