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The Prois story begins in the high country of Colorado where Prois Founder/CEO, Kirstie Pike, recognized the overall lack in performance-driven hunting gear for women. In 2008 Prois launched to great acclaim and has held fast to it’s original construct… providing female hunters with the very best hunting gear for any climate, geography or species. At Prois, we believe women hunt hard and deserve the gear to support their hunting and outdoor passions. What sets Prois apart is our belief that ...
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Tune in as we chat with the lovely and very talented Jennifer Dums.Prepare to be handsomely rewarded with storytelling, singing and theannouncement of Jennifer's new position with Prois! What are youwaiting for??โดย Prois Hunting
Join Kirstie Pike, Kim Waverek, Lisa Pike, Melissa Frank, Tammie Brown and Lisa Branca as they wax philosophical about hunting, beautiful whitetails and and the crazy fun of ladies-only hunts! Tune in!โดย Prois Hunting
Join us as Kirstie and Katherine weave their way through some very baddecisions in the episode we will dub "Bad Decisions- Volume 1". Knowingthese two, there will be future episodes in the same vein.โดย Prois Hunting
Join Kirstie and Katherine as they interview the amazing Donna Boddington (aka..DBODD!) and discuss the world of women's hunting, russet potatoes and Motley Crue! Of course...there will also be story telling and shenanigans...โดย Prois Hunting
Mark (aka- Marky Mark) has been the brand manager for Prois for over three years. Prepare to be entertained as we discuss cabana boys, poop and the serious side of Prois brand development!โดย Prois Hunting
Join us as we chat with the Prois Nevada State Coordinator, Kathie Langdon. Learn about the Prois State Coordinator program, how Kathie got involved with Prois, new Prois products and of course- some rambunctious side chatter! You won’t want to miss this!โดย Prois Hunting
This is an introduction to Kirstie Pike the CEO and founder of Prois Hunting and Katherine Browne her right hand women at Prois. This will also get your feet wet into the world of women's hunting and Prois behind and not so behind the scenes shenanigans.โดย Prois Hunting
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