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Pisto Politica is a political podcast devoted to exploring how politics affects our daily lives. With a no-bullshit approach Pisto Politica’s political analysis cuts through partisan rhetoric, and discusses the ramifications and possible unintended consequences of today’s policy and politics. Come for the drinks, but stay for the conversation.
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In our penultimate episode, we explore unexpected consequences. Ken Paxton's attempt to open Pandora’s Box, the potential consequences that could arise from Trump’s claims, and the impact to the union from the refusal from members of Congress to be on the record.โดย Pisto Politica
This week we explore Trump’s efforts in the courtroom and the arguments presented by his attorneys. Additionally, we discuss the events that took place during the 2002 Millennium Challenge and the efforts of Friends of the Children, a national nonprofit mentoring the leaders of tomorrow.โดย Pisto Politica
This week’s episode explores how the presidential race is impacting the Senate races in Kentucky, South Carolina, Georgia, and Texas. Additionally, we discuss if Texas Congressional District 21 is an indicator of the future of Texas as a whole and advertising within the New Mexico 2nd Congressional District. Finally, we review Trump’s final hand, t…
Today’s episode analyzes the final presidential debate of the 2020 election. Explore President Trump and Vice President Biden’s key moments and blunders. While their first debate redefined absurdity, this time, they made a return towards civility.โดย Grito 36
After claiming that participating in a virtual debate would be a waste of his time, the 2nd presidential debate was canceled. Instead, America was witness to two competing presidential town halls. In today's episode, we discuss the consequences of these events and go over the Senate’s decision to fill a Supreme Court vacancy.…
President Reagan once told voters to ask themselves “are you better off today, than you were four years ago,” before they cast their ballot. We examine this question and we review the country’s 11th vice presidential debate.โดย Grito 36
The inaugural episode of Pisto Politica where we keep you one bud wiser than you were a minute ago. In today's episode, we analyze the first Presidential debate. Warning, the following program is intended for mature audiences only. This program is uncensored and contains explicit content.โดย Pisto Politica
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