Personal Disclosures สาธารณะ
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Getting lost and found far from home. Marsden wanders the Amazon; Julie proves you can’t go home again; Jessica gets beautiful in Bangkok; and Bridget lives the Italian life.โดย Personal Disclosures
We’ll donate $1 to animal rescue organization, The Sato Project, for every episode download and listen. Julie’s dog obsession is next level; Bridget’s canine stud is her +1; Tony leaves us in pieces.โดย Personal Disclosures
Jessica’s dad wears elegant sweatpants, Julie’s crazy Russian family returns, and Paul’s father is in control. Our cast wonders if the apple fell far from the tree.โดย Personal Disclosures
Kelsey's epic Vegas trip; Bridget's Oktoberfest party foul; Tony's ultimate guys' getaway; and Marsden's harrowing Amazon foray. The group recounts adventures of a lifetime with favorite sidekicks.โดย Personal Disclosures
Julie's Russian-American family escalates the crazy; Kelsey’s Canadian grandparents get lost at sea; and Marsden sees separation in New England. Grandparents who can’t stand each other show us the deepest love of all.โดย Personal Disclosures
Marsden embarks on a lesbian first date fail; Jessica has lingering one-night stands; Kelsey takes her sexcapades to the ER; and Tony rediscovers dating after losing his wife. For this group, stumbling into love falls short of fairytale.โดย Personal Disclosures
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