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Nancy Duarte is a legend when it comes to corporate communications and presentations. In this first part of my work of series on Nancy's work, I explore her fantastic book Resonate and using stories in presentations!โดย Owen Fitzpatrick
Special Bonus episode on my brand new INFLUENCE SCHOOL... finally available until Sunday midnight www.changingmindsacademy.com/the-influence-school And also... why Influence matters. Hope you enjoy!!!โดย Owen Fitzpatrick
Tal Ben-Shahar, the founder of Happiness Studies Academy is an author and lecturer. He taught two of the largest classes in Harvard University’s history, Positive Psychology and The Psychology of Leadership. It was fantastic to get a chance to interview him on this weeks episode!โดย Owen Fitzpatrick
In this weeks episode, we will explore three very cool concepts from different parts of the world. The ideas of Hygge, Lagom and Ubuntu will be explored and discussed so that you can learn about these terrific ideas and how to apply them to your life.โดย Owen Fitzpatrick
My good friend DP and I discuss all sorts of range of ideas from crazy political suggestions to what matters most to what's the point of life. Less of an interview and more of a fun philosophical chat between friends, different to a normal episode but hope you find it interesting!โดย Owen Fitzpatrick
With the debates on this time of year, I figured it would be fun to do an episode on the strategies used in trying to win the debate especially between Donald Trump and Joe Biden! Hope you enjoy!โดย Owen Fitzpatrick
Michael Burns is one of the top experts out there in the area of diversity and inclusivity. A former combat pilot, Mike is an incredible business thought leader and offers some gold about diversity, inclusion and leadership in this interview.โดย Owen Fitzpatrick
David Epstein is the author of The Sports Gene and Range. In this second part, we explore the work of David on Range and his fascinating thesis on becoming a generalist instead of a specialist.โดย Owen Fitzpatrick
David Epstein is the author of two bestselling books. In this work of series I'll be exploring his book 'The Sports Gene' on the impact of genetics on our development of skills and talents. Fascinating stuff!โดย Owen Fitzpatrick
In this episode, I speak once again with my mentor, friend and co-author Dr Richard Bandler for the third interview. This time we talk about our new book (out hopefully in 2021) The New Structure of Magic. Warning: Kinda technical NLP stuff so this interview mightn’t be possible for everyone to understand everything.…
In this episode, I discuss the current topics of polarization and cancel culture and explore the roots of these phenomena and what the consequences are.โดย Owen Fitzpatrick
In this episode, I explore the work of Donald Miller and JJ Peterson in terms of their new book Marketing made simple. It really is an excellent and clear example of how to apply storytelling to create your website and email marketing campaigns. Worth a read!โดย Owen Fitzpatrick
In this episode, I talk about how thoughts are changed and explore some of the mechanisms at play when we change how we think! So often we have problems because we have the same thoughts running in our head over and over again. We need to learn to change this so that we can think differently and find ways to solve problems.…
Donald Miller is a New York Times Bestselling author who wrote the excellent and very clear book Building a Storybrand. This book is an excellent explanation of how to effectively use storytelling in your marketing. This week I discuss the book and this area of work from Donald.โดย Owen Fitzpatrick
In this episode, for fun, I discuss LOVE, the Psychology of Dating and Mind Games. If you're interested in why people love or, indeed, date the way they do... you'll enjoy this episode.โดย Owen Fitzpatrick
Eric Barker is host of an incredible blog and bestselling book 'Barking Up the Wrong Tree' In this episode, I explore Eric's work and this excellent book which reveals counter intuitive insights about success.โดย Owen Fitzpatrick
Nir Eyal is one of the best authors in the area of professional development out today in my opinion. In this interview, I chat to Nir about his fantastic books and wonderful ideas around controlling your attention and making your products addictive.โดย Owen Fitzpatrick
Today's special episode is all about my brand new membership programs that have just opened the doors for the next week and it is also my birthday so after I tell you about them, I'll be talking about some lessons I've learned and what I've liked over the last few months.โดย Owen Fitzpatrick
In this episode, I explore another great book by Nir Eyal... Indistractible. It explores how we can take charge of our attention and remove the problem of distraction from our lives and become indestractible.โดย Owen Fitzpatrick
Nudging is a powerful concept from the field of behavioural economics which explains how we can change a persons behaviour by the way we present choices to them. Definitely worth checking out this episode!โดย Owen Fitzpatrick
In this episode, I chat with my friend Poll Moussoulides about the importance of voice work and how critical it is to improve how you use your voice to become more successful.โดย Owen Fitzpatrick
James Clear is the author of the incredible book Atomic Habits. In this New York Times Bestseller, James explains a clear and powerful plan to change any habit. This week I explore this excellent work.โดย Owen Fitzpatrick
Organizational Politics are unfortunately part of the course of being in the corporate world. We are forced to deal with them in business. In this episode, I offer some suggestions on what you can do to come out on top!โดย Owen Fitzpatrick
This week, I interview my good friend David O'Reilly. David has worked in a multitude of businesses in a few different areas and offers some excellent advice for anyone job hunting right now and getting the interview right.โดย Owen Fitzpatrick
Dan Pink is a multiple time New York Times Bestselling Author. One of the greatest authors in the self development areas out there at the moment, in this episode, I review DRIVE and The Adventures of Johnny Bunko.โดย Owen Fitzpatrick
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