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This episode we discuss Ben Simmons and his absence and the nets lost. We look at the HBO show winning time and discuss the controversy around the show. We give advice for young daters.โดย Lawz,Aaron and D
This episode we explore the Cowboys meltdown. We talk Lakers and there chances at winning a chip this year. We also look at the divisional playoff round and predict winners and losers.โดย Lawz,Aaron and D
This episode we talk about the WFT ownership and who's to blame for the decades of dysfunction. Awthentik of the Awthentik and the beard podcast joins us to talk the NFC and the Giants future.โดย Lawz,Aaron and D
This episode special guest Lance woods joins the crew to talk his journey through comedy. We talk the Washington football teams 5 game winning streak and debate if it continue.โดย Lawz,Aaron and D
Girls Gone Wild, We talk Double standard of the NFL. We discuss Jokic vs the Morris brothers. We look at Week 9 of the NFL season and discuss all the upsets and more.โดย Lawz,Aaron and D
This episode we help a girl get out of a bad situation. We talk Dave Chappelle and why he's the goat. We look at the NFL and talk the WFT win over the Falcons. We look ahead to week 5 of the NFL.โดย Lawz,Aaron and D
This episode we talk about jobs that don't respect you. We discuss how dirty New Orleans is. We also listen to testimony from one of Deshaun Watsons alleged victims. We talk NFL preseason and more.โดย Lawz,Aaron and D
This episode we discuss the removal of taunting in the NFL. We talk youngins hiding their phones. We look at the landscape of the NFL and separate the best from the worst teams.โดย Lawz,Aaron and D
This episode we go over the question of the day. We discuss Rachel Nichols vs Maria Taylor beef. We look at the Wizards and who they should hire as the next head coach. Much more.โดย Lawz,Aaron and D
This episode we ask if you'd let someone borrow 50k. We look at the NBA playoffs and talk about losers. We discuss the supreme court ruling against the NCAA and much more.โดย Lawz,Aaron and D
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