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Seattle Seahawks’s NFL Offensive Tackler Chad Wheeler Abuses Girlfriend Because She Wouldn’t Bow To Him. --- Send in a voice message:
Season 3! & I’m Talking Sugar Babies | Sugar Daddies “ Sugaring” & Dating Older Men A Sugar Baby - is a person in a romantic relationship who receives cash, gifts or other benefits in exchange for being in the relationship. The practice is sometimes called "sugaring". A Sugar Daddy - rich older man who lavishes gifts on a young woman in return for …
Pamper - Indulge with every attention, comfort, kindness; to spoil. The topic that most women belittle other woman about. “ Spoiling/ pampering their men “ Let Have Girl Talk! --- Send in a voice message:
Boxing Talk! 2 Titles WINNER TAKES ALL! | WBA Super Featherweight World Championship | WBA Lightweight World Championship. My Predictions, Opinions on the fight, & Why one of my favorite boxers is Manny Pacquiao & more! --- Send in a voice message:
First “Nunu Vixen’s Girl Talk” Bonus Episode. Same-Sex Couple Celebrates World’s First Anal Birth After Successful Rectal- Ovary Transplant | REAL or FAKE Let’s Have #GirlTalk #NunuVixen’sGirlTalk --- Send in a voice message:
Vaginal Douching:“ douche'' 'french word to wash or soak. An instrument & method to wash out the vagina. Usually contains a mixture of water, vinegar & baking soda. A douche comes in a bottle that has a nozzle/ tube which is inserted upwards. Then which you squeeze; &the bottle sprays the mixture inside you. --- Send in a voice message: https://anc…
A home health aide cares for people who have disabilities, chronic illnesses, cognitive impairments, or age-related problems, inside their own homes. This is my experience, when I was one --- Send in a voice message:
Season 2 ! Sore Nipples, The Leaking, The Latching THE BOND! Where Talking Breastfeeding!Breastfeeding : The action of feeding a baby with milk from the breastThe definition, My Opinions, & Would I Choose To One Day --- Send in a voice message:
Season 2 ! Let’s talk “ OnlyFans “OnlyFans Is a subscription-based platform that lets users share multimedia posts behind a paywall. The site is primarily used by sex workers and adult content creators; the site is predominantly an adult website.--- Send in a voice message:…
On this twelfth installment, I will be speaking on the death of the man George Floyd. The aftermath of the riots & do I agree with the riots & protesting. --- Send in a voice message:
Mean Girls Mean Girls & Boys What is bullying defined as?* Definition. abuse and mistreatment of someone vulnerable; with overbearing mistreatment and domination of other in actions and behaviorBullying is commonly in * Social class* Appearance* Race* Religion* Gender or sexual orientation* Size or strength* Personality, behaviors, or body language…
On this ninth installment, I will be speaking on Cheating & Infidelity. Cheating: To be ”sexually” unfaithful. Infidelity: The action or state of being unfaithful to a spouse or other sexual partner. --- Send in a voice message:
On The Fourth Installment, I Will Be Talking On The Topic Of Men Getting Massages, Facials, & Pedicures; And Is That Feminine Or Just Self-care Within A Man Hygiene? --- Send in a voice message:
On The Second Installment, I Will Be Talking About A Little Girl Seeing Her Self In a Video & Saying she is ugly & I also will be speaking about spreading love & kindness. --- Send in a voice message:
On the first installment, I will be talking about Laila Ali & Claressa Shields. The interview on “The Breakfast Club” with Laila that started this all. I’m Sorry for the audio in advance, But that will not stop the podcast. --- Send in a voice message:
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