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Listen to the relevant and timeless truths shared weekly from the word of God at Greenville First. Your life will be changed forever as you discover God's purpose for your life. Greenville First is a Spirit Lead , Purpose Driven Church. Our mission is: Helping people become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Listen'll love it!
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This week Patrick and Hugh descend into madness as they watch the not at all acclaimed documentary by renowned dick Zac Bagins. Watch as a man harasses a community of oppressed minorities and extorts them to agree with his crackpot theories.
Hey all, sorry for the long hiatus we have been out for reasons that are our own. We are back with a new episode with our returning unnamed special guest to see a bunch of youtubers portray the schools they dropped out of run by maybe the worst person ever.
Put on some glasses, shun water, and no eating before midnight, lest these three hosts turn into gross lizard versions of themselves. The penultimate holiday special is here as we gather around the screeching radiator to watch Gremlins.
In this very posh and refined episode of Columbo we travel to the mystical realm of England. There Columbo is beset on all side by the wealthy and must determine which to gaslight and eventually destroy. Join us in "The Dagger of the Mind"
If you thought Hellraiser 2 was a nightmarish, confusing half story then we have found the movie to prove you don't know what you are talking about. John, Hugh and Patrick are joined by Matthew Mcconaughey and Renee Zelwiger to fight the Illuminati in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 The next Generation.…
For the month of Spooktober Hugh, John and Patrick venture into the realm of the scary. We will be releasing five special commentaries this month over classic horror films. We begin with John Carpenter's Halloween 1978, and shiver at the menacing form of The Shape.
John has returned to us in our 4th episode of Columbo. (Don't ask about the 3rd). This episode we peel back the surface of Columbo's life to see how the world's greatest detective truly lives. The title of the Columbo episode is "Suitable for Framing".
This week Hugh, Patrick and an Unnamed Special guest join us in a very unfortunate episode. John is out this week so we threw on whatever we could find. CONTENT WARNING "13 Reasons Why" uses rape, sexual assault, suicide, emotional abuse and other very serious issues to tell a very mundane and boring story. We do make fun of these issues in this ep…
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