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Hosts Cody and Bobby attempt to bridge the gap between mental health and comedy by asking their guests to examine their biggest mental struggles with a sense of strength, comfort, and understanding to bring light to who they are and why they are sometimes forced to struggle in the dark.
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CW/TW: Today's episode feature themes related to domestic abuse and may be difficult for some listeners.We were lucky enough to speak to Nina Freeman (@PersocomNina) to discuss her new game "Last Call" and the process behind turning trauma into an interactive story.โดย Neurotica
Among a growing landscape of content surrounding serial killers, we invited Cody's girlfriend and resident true crime podcast fan, Meg to help Bobby and Cody address the wider implications of this growing media and whether paranoia is really always a bad thing.โดย Neurotica
Two of the biggest stories in sports right now include women breaking the rules, Rachel Nichols and Sha'Carri Richardson, but while one rule is clear and another is murky, Bobby and Cody attempt to analyze and contrast the scrutiny each has received, whether fair or not.โดย Neurotica
With economic troubles peaking in the American household, Cody and Bobby reflect on the situation as well as Cody's experiences as a squatter. Both look forward to what will happen next why trying to understand how we ever got here.โดย Neurotica
Sports have returned but not all were created equal in their return plans. We talk about what the NBA and NHL got right, what the MLB got wrong, why the NFL will never happen and all of the mental aspects of being a fan not so sure this should be happening?โดย Neurotica
After surviving the first round of holidays by the skin of a trash turkey, Bobby and Cody dread what is on the horizon as they navigate the minefield of bad family political debates, gift shopping, and the dying Christmas joy in their cold, cold hearts.โดย Neurotica
For all our Troop Loops™ out there, we talk to Stephen (@TangoGolfKilo) about his journey and life as a gay man in an open relationship as our hosts get their first chances to Q&A everything they've been dying to know about life in a polyamorous relationship.โดย Neurotica
Steph Driver (@StephaliciousD) is no stranger to be told to die and her harassers almost got their wish... but she lives! And she came on the show to talk about how she has overcome in her journey to become one of the most powerful women in hockey media.โดย Neurotica
Pitchfork caused a stir with their top 200 ranking of albums and songs of the last decade. Who cares? Bobby and Cody discuss why maybe you shouldn't and why time is important in a much different way.โดย Neurotica
After an abrupt retirement from the NFL, the sports world was left confused by the retirement of star Quarterback Andrew Luck. But should they be? We dive into what may be the biggest mental health decision we've seen publicly by an athlete while exploring some other cases along the way.โดย Neurotica
Ahead of her upcoming album and tour, Sofia (@HarmonyWoodsPA)comes onto the pod to discuss music, life, and a literal road on the horizon as we dive into her head on this week's Neurotica. Make Yourself at Home comes out October 4th and you can find tour dates here:…
Neurotica hosts its first live episode from the National Liberty Museum and is once again joined by Erin (@ebrownie) for The Philadelphia Podcast Festival! This episode explores the difficulty of pushing through with a passion despite the demands of every day life often further derailed by depression.…
Cody returns from his beach vacation where a psych appointment awaits. Our hosts breakdown the visit and what the doctor prescribed for Cody on his journey to a clear mind. Meanwhile, Bobby helps plan the next live episode.If you would like to donate to our friend Trish please use the link below:…
Our man Mitch (@lynyrdsremmurd) came all the way from Sacramento just to record this podcast! Oh and to restart his life after a few years of discovery on the west coast. We talk through the twists and turns of not only his road trip but the events that proceeded it on this week's Neurotica!โดย Neurotica
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