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Our vision is to help families stay and be healthy using natural methods for the body, mind, and soul. We encourage self-reliance in any medicine practice for your family and our products are designed to help you learn more about caring for your family with herbs. We are passionate about sharing our experience, knowledge, and expertise. We want to help 1 million families in the next 5 years.
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This episode discusses how to make teas, infusions and decoctions, when to use them, and how to use them. It also highlights the properties that are extracted in a tea verses those extracted in a tincture. Very Informative! Be sure to visit us at: Like, Share, and Subscribe. Thanks! Show Notes: Here are a couple…
To order your own elderberry mix go to The NMM Team talks about the benefits and uses of the herb elderberry. You can find it yourself in certain areas or order your own specialized mix from the NMM team.โดย Natural Medicine Mamas
For more from Natural Medicine Mamas, go In this introduction episode of Natural Medicine Mamas, each Mama introduces themselves and what to expect from the show. They also talk about their own experiences with herbs, holistic living, and how they use it in daily life. Thank you for listening! Please subscribe, rate,…
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