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Shoshanah Brown, Dr. Katie Ender, and I discuss issues of equity in healthcare and how we experience disparities from the perspective of a community based non profit, a large academic health center and a healthcare administrator all trying to work towards eliminating disparities.โดย Mount Sinai Health Partners
Dr. Anitha Iyer, Director of Behavioral Medicine and Population Health at Mount Sinai, discusses how she views the integration of BH in ambulatory care and how to make it a core element of our long term population health strategy.โดย Mount Sinai Health Partners
David Kerwar discusses his vision for a unified digital experience for Mount Sinai patients and discusses how he thinks the digital experience will shape healthcare.โดย Mount Sinai Health Partners
Stella Safo and Saranya Loehrer discuss the role of physicians and other healthcare providers in helping shape policy by taking a more active role in the voting process AND by having those discussions with their patients. Topics of disparities in healthcare and the exacerbation of those disparities in COVID are also discussed. See bios below:https:…
Originally recorded in April, Dr. Mark Gwynne, President of the UNC Health Alliance discusses health system strategies for population health in the midst of COVID.โดย Mount Sinai Health Partners
Dr. Sean Morrison discusses the role and value of palliative care in healthcare. This topic is more relevant now than ever. During this discussion, Dr. Morrison also has to manage an emerging situation with a home bound patient further illustrating the issues discussed.โดย Mount Sinai Health Partners
Dr. Martin Malachovsky MD MPH talks about the challenges and opportunities for his practice in the midst of COVID 19. He discuss his use of telemedicine as well as the financial stressors this has placed on physicians in New York City.โดย Mount Sinai Health Partners
Dr. Julie Nissim, an independent primary care physician in NYC, discusses the challenges of starting her own practice and touches on how isolating it can be in private practice. She talks about how she dealt with these issues and the value of connection with fellow practitioners.โดย Mount Sinai Health Partners
Asim Baig, Ironman triathlete and MSHP Volunteer, and Emily Weinger, MSHP Program Coordinator, share how Mount Sinai uses volunteers to support population health efforts. Asim also shares his inspirational story and how he uses the support he receives from volunteers as motivation to volunteer himself.…
Dr. Jonathan Arend discusses the implementation and successes of the outpatient clinical pharmacy program at a very large resident practice. He discusses how this resource has helped physicians with limited time manage complicated patients and get better outcomes.โดย Mount Sinai Health Partners
Dr. Jay Wisnicki discusses his patient-centered approach to care over his career and how he has turned that into a sustainable model of care in a high needs neighborhood.โดย Mount Sinai Health Partners
Dr. Sabina Lim discusses the state of behavioral health in NYC and how she is working to put together a strategy to improve access and services to those that need it.โดย Mount Sinai Health Partners
In the second in a series of conversations about engaging physicians in population health, the Mount Sinai Health Partners provider engagement team describes the secret to their success.โดย Mount Sinai Health Partners
Dr. Sonia Gidwani discusses her model of providing person-centered primary care using email and a balanced, cross-trained staff to find new ways to improve. She also discusses how she used high school and medical school students to help her fine tune her EMR and ultimately provide more efficient, higher quality care.…
Ed Lucy, Chief Contracting Officer, discusses the changing world of payer negotiations as systems move to value. Ed brings a wealth of experience and context from both the payer and provider side of the equation.โดย Mount Sinai Health Partners
Dr. Greg Dodell speaks about practicing primary care and endocrinology in NYC even after a fire destroyed his office. He also discusses his use of mindfulness meditation not only for himself but his patients.โดย Mount Sinai Health Partners
ER Physician Dr. Kevin Munjal leads our community paramedicine program and has been an advocate of emergency services reform to better help our population. In this episode he describes how the program started, how it works, and his hopes for the future of community paramedicine.โดย Mount Sinai Health Partners
Neha Dubli discusses the keys to engaging frontline providers in population health efforts with an emphasis on trust, accountability, and building for the future of healthcare.โดย Mount Sinai Health Partners
Dr. Linda DeCherrie discusses the Visiting Docs program which serves high risk patients and provides home-based primary care. This program has been in existence for over 20 years and just one example of the necessary delivery system changes needed to manage populations.โดย Mount Sinai Health Partners
As part of our interview series with primary care providers in New York City, Dr. Danuta Jankowska discusses how she has overcome the many challenges for primary care physicians by self-education, hard work and a team-based approach to care.โดย Mount Sinai Health Partners
Stephen Furia discusses direct to employer relationships and other market dynamics impacting driving population health and increased value in healthcare.โดย Mount Sinai Health Partners
Mike Berger, VP, Population Health Informatics and Data Science discusses his views on how data will impact the future of population health operations and delivery systems.โดย Mount Sinai Health Partners
Maria Alexander, Senior Director of Clinical Operations and Government Channels discusses the interactions between CMS and delivery systems working on population health and shares insights into the intended impact of recent health policy changes.โดย Mount Sinai Health Partners
Healthcare is changing in many ways including new ways in which payers and systems are partnering to achieve the Triple Aim. Tom Valdivia of Bright Health discusses payer-provider partnerships and their work with Mount Sinai Health Partners.โดย Mount Sinai Health Partners
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