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Unlike your time in uniform, you are in charge of setting expectations for your private-sector career. Our panelists talk about the different forms those expectations can take, and why they should consider a range of issues beyond the bottom line in their career choices.โดย MOAA
Our panelists offer advice on finding the right networking events for you and your career path. Learn about making your pitch to an unfamiliar crowd, searching out mentors and experienced members of your industry, and much more.โดย MOAA
How do you find the career you’ve always wanted – one that you can approach with the same zeal you brought to your military service? Our panelists offer their perspectives from a variety of fields.โดย MOAA
Our panelists discuss the importance of a company’s culture, how your military background may prepare you to succeed in certain organizations, and how to adapt your skills for private-sector success.โดย MOAA
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