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Are you still salty? This message is about being salty. But not in the way you might think. Dare you to listen and find out what it is about. BTW You should be salty.โดย Marysville 3CU Church - Rev. Chris Newland
Do you have a minute a day for God? Within that minute you could pray that God would send laborers into the harvest. A harvest for souls. Within that minute you could read 3 Bible Verses. Do you think our society needs God? Do you think our churches need to be stronger? Do you have a minute a day?โดย Marysville 3CU Church - Rev. Chris Newland
Have the Holidays made you weary? Some may be weary from trying to do the right things? Others maybe weary from figuring out what the right things are? Or dealing with Virtual Signaling...Jesus says "Come unto me all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest"โดย Marysville 3CU Church - Rev. Chris Newland
After these last two years there is hope for 2022! In today's message Pastor Newland shares the hope that can be found as we look at the up's and down's of Mary and Joseph in the Christmas Story.โดย Marysville 3CU Church - Rev. Chris Newland
Twas the Sunday before Christmas —- and time to set the record straight —— what is the Biblical Christmas Story? For one thing, the Wise Men weren't at the stable. Listen in as our Pastor shares the who, what and when and maybe some other things that might surprise you.โดย Marysville 3CU Church - Rev. Chris Newland
Ever take something that didn't belong to you? Ever take something that belonged to God? Can you imagine robbing God? You might want to listen to today's message to see if you are. Listen as Pastor Newland shares a message entitled "Are you Robbing God?"โดย Marysville 3CU Church - Rev. Chris Newland
As we enter the Christmas season are you listening for Jesus' message to you? Or are you making the mistake of not listening because it is not delivered in the form or fashion you expect? In a manger instead of a castle? Maybe you are listening to the message found in all the trappings only to find out it is just trappings, just a fancy wrapper aro…
When you go to your Holiday gatherings do you look at them as a Joyous Occasion, A Celebration, an Obligation, a source of Frustration, or do you fear Confrontation? Listen to this message from I Corinthians 13 on Loving Others During the Holidaysโดย Marysville 3CU Church - Rev. Chris Newland
Today's message is to Children and for Children. Letting them know that Jesus loves them, Jesus enjoys their praises, and that children can do things for Jesus, be Jesus' helpers. Its a message for your children to listen to. Listen as our Pastor shares a message for the children.โดย Marysville 3CU Church - Rev. Chris Newland
As Halloween is celebrated, Pastor Newland takes a few minutes to share some insights from scripture as the talk of witches and spells and whatnot is "in season" more and more.โดย Marysville 3CU Church - Rev. Chris Newland
God expects us to not stay infants in our walk with Him, but to mature. He actually calls us to Holiness. Calls us to perfection. But what is perfection? What is sin? Why is loving the world in conflict with loving God? Curious about the answers, come listen to this message entitled "Called unto Holiness"…
In our message today, we talk about two men. One is gathering up Christians and throwing them into jail for their faith. The second man, is sent by God to meet with the first man. Would you be willing, if sent by God, to meet with someone putting Christians in jail for their faith?โดย Marysville 3CU Church - Rev. Chris Newland
In the storms of life we can have confidence that God is able to not only to help us through the storm, but even calm the storm itself. We can draw peace from that reassurance of His capabilities.โดย Marysville 3CU Church - Rev. Chris Newland
Jesus is Still the Way! Regardless of what society tells you, your government tells you or the media tells you. Be reassured - Jesus is Still the Way and the only Way to the Father and He is preparing a place for those that follow Him.โดย Marysville 3CU Church - Rev. Chris Newland
How will your spiritual house fair in the midst of a storm? Are there things between you and God? Is He actually the Lord of your life? Listen as Pastor Newland shares thoughts from Luke 6:46-49โดย Marysville 3CU Church - Rev. Chris Newland
Words and their definitions seem be all twisted up. What is bad gets a new name and now its good or what is good gets a new name and now it is bad. How do we walk this mine field of ambiguity? Take a listen to "Twisted Words"โดย Marysville 3CU Church - Rev. Chris Newland
In Afghanistan US Citizens are looking to the US Government to save them. Will they? Can they save them? To whom is your allegiance, the Government, a President, a political party? Today we look at scripture to hear about three Jewish men that put it all on the line for God in defiance of a Chaldean King.…
Fear seems to be everywhere. In this message Pastor Newland shares insights from 2 Timothy 1:7 and other Biblical texts on the topic of fear - whether fear of COVID, Global Warming, fear of being cancelled or some other fear. Fear is affecting our society and our government. How are you responding to fear?…
Have you been to a wedding lately? One of the questions you might ask as you prepare to attend a wedding is "What should I wear?" Is it formal? Is it outside? In today's message we look at Matthew 22 where Jesus shares with us a parable about a wedding.โดย Marysville 3CU Church - Rev. Chris Newland
Whether you are a Father that had a great Father or didn't have one at all, the Bible provides Fathers insight and guidance on being a good Dad. Today's message touches on just some of those insights.โดย Marysville 3CU Church - Rev. Chris Newland
Scripture shares with us desired traits of a man. In our passage of scripture for today - Titus 2:1-8 we learn some of the attributes the older men and younger men should strive towards. You might be surprised what you hear as Pastor Newland will also touch on the discussion of social drinking, especially in the church.…
As we try to understand the role of a man as a Christian man, or a Christian Husband, or as a Christian Father we have to start with the basic question, what is a man. Let's look at what the Bible says in today's culture where there is much confusion around gender identify.โดย Marysville 3CU Church - Rev. Chris Newland
We begin a series of messages dealing with man. In society today there seems to be confusion around what is a man. Let alone what is a good man, a Christian man, a Christian husband, a Christian father. This message begins with some fundamental groundwork to this series. It is entitled "What is man".…
In life we come in contact with people that don't always treat us well. How do we deal with them? How do we internally process it all? It can be tough. Listen to this message entitled "Advanced Relationship Training"โดย Marysville 3CU Church - Rev. Chris Newland
Ever take a Selfie? Maybe applied a filter to it, or saw other people's selfies with filters applied. Some of those filters are attempts to show yourself in a better "light". What if there was a way for your image to be transformed from the inside out?โดย Marysville 3CU Church - Rev. Chris Newland
Do you love the Lord with all? What does that mean? How do you choose what cause to support? Who governs how you do things? Who is in charge? You? or God?โดย Marysville 3CU Church - Rev. Chris Newland
As a Christian we have access into the Holy Holies, behind the veil. But what does that mean? Today we provide the scriptural background to what was written in the book of Hebrews about our access to God. Do you take advantage of your access to the mercy seat of God? Do you take opportunity of the privileges that affords?…
As we go into "In The Garden With Jesus", and learn that He was emotionally distressed - we better understand His sacrifice and gain insights into how He can related to our struggles.โดย Marysville 3CU Church - Rev. Chris Newland
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