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In this episode I have an awesome conversation with Snatch Magazine creator Sophia Mitropoulos all about the training, coaching, struggles, and lifestyle of being in a strength sport as a women. You can access Snatch Magazine content at www.snatchmagazine.netโดย Lift Better Weightlifting
Look, I know the worst thing I can do is tell a bunch of meatheads to close their eyes and and drift into a blissful namaste snatch chakra... But that's exactly what I'm doing.โดย Lift Better Weightlifting
Mona has competed multiple times on the international stage for Weightlifting, Karate, and CrossFit. This conversation covers training and competition from the athlete and coaches perspective and role - as well as how to maintain positivity and productivity throughout the process.โดย Lift Better Weightlifting
Cringe as you listen to how 24-year-old Rob started Out of Step Barbell and listen to how, despite all the odds, it all worked out. This episode covers the years beginning before opening the gym to up through running a daily program with CrossFit and Weightlifting.โดย Lift Better Weightlifting
Our 2016 conversation with Aimee is up now in episode 3! Aimee’s coaching perspective is unique, well informed, and obviously effective. She had accomplished a lot before this conversation, and has done even more since!โดย Lift Better Weightlifting
Part history lesson, part storytelling - Matt shares some awesome insights on training, programming, nutrition, meet performance, and so many other topics. This is a great interview from August of 2016.โดย Lift Better Weightlifting
This is an intro to the new show, Lift Better! Hear what's coming up and get a blast from the past with this 2016 interview with Chris Amenta of SoCal Weightlifting Club and Onyx Weightlifting.โดย Lift Better Weightlifting
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