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Balancing Act MP3 Read by Helen Belbin Mysteriousness to 96%. Sexual drive to 87%. Considerateness 93%. I step back while the model recalibrates. Its power light is pulsing. Outside the window, the stars are hidden by the fug. It’s the...โดย Liars' League
Hometown Debut MP3 Read by Fergus Rattigan Cian is a shiver of denim with a plastic bag of canned good times. Deckchair-striped, it gouges heavy into his fingers so they bulge white at the tips. Occasionally, some acquaintance of his...โดย Liars' League
You Don't Have to Read This .. Read by Martine McMenemy Dear Sir, I thought it best to contact you by mail, considering the events of this past week. You don't have to read this, of course - I'm sure...โดย Liars' League
The Heart's Filthy Desire MP3 Read by Tim Larkfield The torrential rain sounds like gunfire as it clatters against the roof of the blood-coloured Austin Allegro. I wipe the condensation off the window and stare at the crumbling mansion. The...โดย Liars' League
The Last Place Anyone Looks MP3 Read by Lin Sagovsky “She was never… seen… again!” The underside of Dot’s face was cast in a harsh yellow glow from the electric torch wedged between her knees. Some stories have no business...โดย Liars' League
BigThick and Sally's Gnashers MP3 Read by Lois Tucker The webcam rings. A customer’s waitin. Ah open ma top drawer, pullin oot a whip and nipple clamps. Here we go again. Ah make £2.50 a minute as an online dominatrix....โดย Liars' League
From truant wives to sarky schoolgirls, pyromaniac editors to teenage hookers via tantruming mums, our annual all-women event showcases the best of female-focused fiction.WOMEN & GIRLS STORIES - RUNNING ORDERHow to be Unemployed by Alice Franklin *NEW AUTHOR* - read by Lois TuckerTree House Date by S. Soliar *NEW AUTHOR* - read by Shin-Fei ChenTrou…
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