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Interview with rapper Dagha about growing up in Mattapan, being in multiple groups , working with Insight Innovates and Edan , performing Shakespeare, 5% Nation, Making “The Divorce” and Black Flowerz albums, and balancing your art with life .โดย Leedz Edutainment
Interview with rapper Oblivious about growing up in Quincy MA, surviving a drug epidemic, calling out rappers, diss tracks, getting hit in the face with a brick, touring oversees, Making the W.O.KE. album with Lateb and Jon Glass , working with Cloaqxdagger, Rage Against The Machine, and staying resilient !…
Great interview with rapper/writer Jake Fraczek aka J The S about growing up growing up in Boston, winning the Super Bowl battle, going hard with the music, forming The Greater Good, moving to NY, industry fakeness, needing to regroup, writing books, hosting a podcast, and having a mean meme game 👀โดย Leedz Edutainment
Interview with Moe Pope about growing up in the Roxbury projects, forming the groups Misson + Electic Co. & Project Move, moving to Cali, becoming a solo artist, being influenced by other genres, starting STL GLD , and fighting against negative Hip Hop stereotypes.โดย Leedz Edutainment
Interview with Snak The Ripper about growing up near Vancouver, being a graffiti writer, learning to rap at parties, the Canadian Hip Hop scene, Dissing Madchild, making high quality videos, engaging with fans, rocking with a band, and micro dosing mushrooms 🍄โดย Leedz Edutainment
Interview with rapper Shawn Mics about growing up in Weymouth, being DYI, listening to indie rap, Atmosphere's best album, working in the union, losing his mother to cancer, and learning to appreciate “The Little Things” 🙏โดย Leedz Edutainment
Interview with Chill Rob G about co-founding The Flavor Unit, Wild Pitch Records, Snap! stealing “The Power”, stepping away from the music business, Trick Remix, getting back to making music, and working with Chuck D & SpitSLAM.โดย Leedz Edutainment
Interview with Chris Webby about growing up in CT, learning from mistakes, the DatPiff era, frat rap, beef with Sammy Adams, first sold out show in Boston, being an independent artist, working with DMX, ADHD, vaccine mandates, and using your platform to speak up.โดย Leedz Edutainment
Interview with Danny Boy O'Connor about forming House Of Pain, the impact of Jump Around, staying credible in Hip Hop, branding, getting clean and sober, forming La Coka Nostra, founding The Outsiders Museum in Tulsa, being in the the Soleil Frye documentary, and his relationship with Mickey Rourke .…
Built with Rhythmatic Etenral King Supreme Reks about growing up in Lawtown, breakdancing, becoming an emcee, coming up in the Boston Hip Hop scene, working with Statik Selektah & other legendary producers, moving down south, spirituality , and quitting alcohol.โดย Leedz Edutainment
Great times with engineer/producer MAtty Harris🎙 Talked about touring at 15 in a Jazz band, going to Berklee, becoming a sound engineer, producing for Slaine, Sammy Adams & Cam Meekins , moving to LA, working with major labels, starting his own company , and the future of mixing/mastering 🎧โดย Leedz Edutainment
Great interview with DJ Deadeye about Lawrence MA, car stereo systems in hoopties, selling mixtapes, working at Newbury Comics, joining ST. Da Squad , Being a live DJ, stopping drinking , and making “The Intervention” album.โดย Leedz Edutainment
Talked with Speech Of Arrested Development about getting covid, growing up in Milwaukee around his fathers nightclub, starting AD and expanding into 20 members, making "3 years, 5 months, and 2 days In the life" album, getting sued by Prince, and what it feels like to sell 6 million records worldwide.…
After technical difficulties we addressed the struggles of conscious rap vs Gangsta rap, still going after 30 years, spirituality, touring with major bands outside of Hip Hop, and making the album “For The FLN Love”โดย Leedz Edutainment
Great convo with music enthusiast Hal Capone about Hardcore VS Hip Hop, fighting racism, FSU, Southern NH, getting into a bloodbath at a show, digging in the underground , dark indie movies, starting a podcast, and still a fan at 50 years old !โดย Leedz Edutainment
Check out the interview I did with The Shaskeen Pub and Restaurant owner Joshua Ames about Opening a venue in NH, booking Hip Hop shows at an irish pub, Scarface making his entourage pay for drinks, using your apartment as a green room, surviving during Covid, and playing your part in the community.โดย Leedz Edutainment
Talked with curator and rapper Dear Derrick about growing up in Brownsville, art vs capitalism, creating an album about black people being the ultimate prostitutes, making videos about doing nothing, being avant-garde, working with Marc Live, and Kool Keith being one of the greatest 🐐โดย Leedz Edutainment
Conversed with rapper and producer Jackson Whalan about living in Western MA, performing for the U.N., traveling to India, playing in a electronic jam band, touring with Moon Hooch, having a personal crisis, working with Krs One & Mr. Lif , and keeping it eclectic 🎵โดย Leedz Edutainment
Talked with Kosha Dillz about being a Jewish rapper, speaking multiple languages, substance abuse and going to jail, making an album with C Rayz Walz , getting a song placed in a Super Bowl commercial, touring with Matisyahu, rapping with Fat Joe in the rain, remaking The Hanukkah Song 2.0, and seeing your music career through.…
Spoke with rapper Wais P about growing up in Crown Heights Brooklyn, Forming The Ranjahz, signing with Jay-Z and Def Jam, working with DJ Premier, The Pimp Game, setbacks, and continuing to make music that’s real.โดย Leedz Edutainment
Great interview with videographer Sando Films about growing up in Hull MA, breakdancing, getting into a lot of trouble, filming shows, making music videos, surviving a near fatal crash, and Eminem being the GOAT 🐐โดย Leedz Edutainment
Great convo with rapper, chef, restauranteur Avi Shemtov 👨‍🍳 Talked about the 2005-10 Boston Hip Hop scene, frat rap transition, the challenges of opening a restaurant and food truck, middle eastern food, selling beer, cheeseburgers, and running a successful business with a good team.โดย Leedz Edutainment
Great convo with Alternative Rapper Vincent Tesoro about living on the south shore, listening to Punk and Hip Hop, overdosing and being revived, finding faith, Christian Hip Hop, making an Emo/Pop Punk album, not being in a box, and working in recovery.โดย Leedz Edutainment
Spoke with alternative rapper Justin Clancy about growing up on the North Shore, going viral as a token bad white rapper in high school, drugs and alcohol, transitioning into singing, songwriting in LA, working with Not Beatz , selling out the Middle East Nightclub, and connecting with your fans.โดย Leedz Edutainment
Had a promoter to promoter convo with NaviPromo about the struggles growing up in Boston, joining the military, the ins and outs of promoting, street team etiquette, club nights, booking the Lox, and celebrating 20 years as a company.โดย Leedz Edutainment
Great convo with rapper V Knuckles of N.B.S. about living in Cambridge, forming N.B.S. with Flash, signed to Maurice Starr at 13, hustling 24/7, touring the world, working with the Snowgoons , Summer Sessions solo album, partying lifestyle , and finally starting to settling down.โดย Leedz Edutainment
Spoke with MC, singer, poet, and activist Jazzmyn Red about teaching Hip Hop culture in the Middle East, growing up in Brockton, 2Pac vs Biggie, systemic racism, being a teacher, making positive and truthful music, female rappers, meeting Alicia Keyes, and the challenges of being multiracial.โดย Leedz Edutainment
Caught up with Lisa Finelli-Fallon about starting Boston Cannabis Week , growing up in NY, being a media buyer, moving to Boston, working in the local music scene, raising money, meeting her husband at a Leedz show, planning a festival, cannabis restrictions and regulations, and handling the stress of being a business owner.…
Spoke with New England rapper Jay Kinser about living in Haverhill MA, starting EXP The Expendables , setbacks, anxiety, working non stop , solo projects, working with Snowgoons , and getting back to live shows.โดย Leedz Edutainment
Great convo with legendary rapper, producer, and DJ Lord Finesse 🙌 Talked about making The Funky Technician, being mentored by DJ Premier & Ice-T , founding DITC, discovering Big L, producing for Biggie Smalls & More , making music for yourself, and distractions in the industry.โดย Leedz Edutainment
Spoke with west coast emcee, film maker, and actor Wildcard about growing up in Cali with a drug dealing dad, being an addict, east coast hip hop influence, rapping fast, touring with Bone Thugs N Harmony , making graphic music videos, working with KXNG Crooked and Apathy, relapse, and twisted movies.…
Caught up with rapper Gio Dee about growing up in Hyde Park MA, Becoming a rapper instead of an engineer, being discovered by Jerry Purpdank, pissing off Lil B's management, living in The Bay, turning down record deals, Rage and Trap music, and working with Metro Boomin, Iamsu!, Madeintyo, & Marc E. Bassy.…
Spoke with punchline specialist Copywrite about growing up in Columbus OH, MHz, Camu Tao (RIP), recording “June” with RJD2 , Eastern Conference Records, The Weathermen, learning from your mistakes, alcoholism, and mental healthโดย Leedz Edutainment
Great conversation with Daniel Laurent about first promoting shows, The MIC awards, artists selling tickets controversy, the Boston Hip Hop scene in the mid 2000s, understanding the business, the black dollar project , supporting the community , and choosing family over a rap career.โดย Leedz Edutainment
Spoke with producer and scatch dj DJ Mrok about living in Framingham MA, graffiti, Philadelphia influence, starting the first BU Hop Hop radio show, late eighties/ early nineties rap, spinning electronic music, playing in a swing band, working with SpitSlam , the Jeep era, and still making the music you love.…
Reconnected with legendary rapper RA The Rugged Man while parenting and discussed Long Island, Every major label sucking, white rapper comparisons , Kool G Rap being the greatest lyricist in music, Being a German resident, people talking slick on the internet, touring, making the greatest album in 2020, getting ICP hate, and making the song “Afterl…
Great build with Estee Nack on growing up in Lynn, Joining Tragic Allies, working with Al Divino, rapping unconventional, rhyming over no drums, being discovered by Westside Gunn , The Hip Hop renascence movement, and continuously dumping music.โดย Leedz Edutainment
Chopped it up with Big Dese about free-styling, Coming up in the groups E3 & The Camp, battle rap, making “Dad Bars”, writing and spitting crazy bars , The Dunnas , Dipset vs The Lox, and waking up for workโดย Leedz Edutainment
Spoke with rapper Oak Lonetree about growing up in Waltham, being the nephew of Fred Smerlas, rapping in the woods, starting the band Primary Others, partying too hard, forming The Dunnas, being on The Worst Cooks In America, making an album with Insight Innovates, and getting back to business 🎤โดย Leedz Edutainment
Great interview with legendary rapper Masta Ace about biking, Marly Marl, Biz Markie, major label differences, creating "Born To Roll", "Disposable Arts" as the magnum opus, dealing with M.S., storytelling, and making albums with MF Doom and Marco Polo.โดย Leedz Edutainment
Took a journey with Slaine about coming up in Boston during the drug epidemic, starting La Coka Nostra, acting in Gone Baby Gone, alcoholism, getting sober, working with great producers, finding serenity, and favorite House Of Pain album.โดย Leedz Edutainment
Research and development with author, historian, journalist Dart Adams about growing up in the South End, early days of Hip Hop in Boston, Almighty RSO, the blog era, Public Enemy almost getting canceled, Rawkus Records, fact checking, and functioning on four hours of sleep 😴โดย Leedz Edutainment
Talked with Gustavo Guerra about making a living selling mixtapes, transitioning into corporate distribution, A&Ring for Kanye+Street Life+Method Man& Large Pro, creating Producer Plug , making a Yankees theme Song, conspiracy theories, and signature glasses.โดย Leedz Edutainment
Scientifical madness with rapper, producer, and electronic wizard Insight Innovates about his early 90s rap groups, working with Brick Records, moving to Germany, creating apps, new album with Edo. G , NFTS, The MPC, and music vs technology.โดย Leedz Edutainment
Got connected with Millyz this morning and discussed growing up in Cambridge as the only white kid with his friends, hustling at 13 years old, fighting off a negative stigma, investing into his own career, working with Jadakiss & DaveEast, shooting 3 videos in Columbia, tattoos, and having the hardest job as a rapper from Mass.…
Talked with rapper/singer/songwriter XL The Beast about playing the accordion, cofounding The Kreators, getting advice from Guru of Gang Starr, alcoholism, insecurity as an artist, the Heavy Hands LP 15 year process, and maintaining relationships.โดย Leedz Edutainment
Got deep with Jon Hope about growing up in foster care, being an artist from Providence RI, getting a masters degree , community adversity, writing a book, working with Jim Jones, and the independent artist mind state.โดย Leedz Edutainment
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