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The Last Friend Standing

The Last Friend Standing

Last Friend Standing

This Podcast answers questions surrounding relationships. Jillian and Marion are two truth tellers in the big city willing to give listeners a straight answer. Just like King Solomon said,"Faithful are the wounds of a friend, but deceitful are the kisses of an enemy," These two Ladies are friends you can count on. Telling a friend something they do not want to hear, like warning them about a relationship, takes balls and not everyone is willing to risk a friendship to ask the tough questions ...
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In this episode, the ladies have their first gueststar a fellow podcaster Adam from the Ill-advised & unprepared. The three start with general topics surrounding rebounds and red flags and take a twist on the questions by getting a male perspective.โดย Last Friend Standing
In this episode, the Ladies cover controversial topics surrounding keeping items from a previous relationship and calling off a wedding. The Girls also cover light-hearted questions about dealing with Mamas boy and an online dating phenomenon.โดย Last Friend Standing
In the latest Episode, the ladies cover how to get over infatuation, to tell or not to tell on a cheater and what to do when your best friend and boyfriend don't get along.โดย Last Friend Standing
In this episode, the ladies cover two serious questions surrounding being poisoned and sexual assault, then end with a lighter subject of standing up in a wedding and the price you pay literally.โดย Last Friend Standing
Jillian and Marion cover three questions asked in their pilot episode. The Ladies discuss everything from being single forever, settling for marrige, and if size really does matter.โดย Last Friend Standing
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