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Duncan Giles & Larry Lannan return for another podcast episode after a week off. They discuss implications of the Debt Ceiling, a reminder about a webinar on workplace discrimination and much more.โดย Larry Lannan
2022 was a very busy year for fishers in economic development, and the city's point person for all that is Megan Baumgartner. She joined me for a podcast recently, discussing the busy 2022 and hinting that 2023 could be just as busy.โดย Larry Lannan
The Martin Luther King Holiday January 16 will feature a food drive, with the City of Fishers partnering with local groups collecting needed food at local food banks. Amy Crell and Stephanie Perry join the podcast to talk about that and more.โดย Larry Lannan
Kaitlin Lange has covered the Statehouse for an Evansville newspaper and the Indianapolis Star. She has just joined a new news organization, State Affairs, once again covering the Statehouse. Here is Larry's conversation with Kaitlin.โดย Larry Lannan
The Recovery Cafe is scheduled to open in Fishers in January or February of 2023. Executive Director Joylynn Foli and Associate Executive Director Bryan Beasley join Larry to talk about the new nonprofit in Fishers.โดย Larry Lannan
Todd Zimmerman announces his intention to be a candidate for another term on the Fishers City Council. He also discusses the many developments announced this year in the city, plus the status of the city's recreation center.โดย Larry Lannan
Filing season Annual Leave, volunteering to help Submission Processing and Accounts Management during tax filing season, health insurance open season and much more in this edition of the Chapter 49 Podcast.โดย Larry Lannan
Sarah Sandquist became Parks & Recreation Director for Fishers in 2018. December 1, 2022 is her last day on the job in Fishers as she prepares to take a similar position in Champaign, Illinois. Sarah talks about her new job and her time in Fishers on this podcast.โดย Larry Lannan
Sarah Sandquist if Parks & Recreation Director for Fishers...Stephanie Perry is assistant PR Director for the city...they both join Larry talking about holidays around Fishers and a few other subjects as well.โดย Larry Lannan
Dan Kaspar is Director of Field Operations & Ken Moffett is the Director of Negotiation for NTEU Nationally. They join Duncan Giles & Larry Lannan to talk about issues in the grievance process, including denial of annual leave during filing season, delayed reasonable accommodation requests, awards and more, in this podcast episode.…
IRS is preparing to distribute employee awards for 2022 soon and Duncan Giles talks about how to find our your information. Duncan & Larry also talk about health insurance open season, security and Veterans Day in this week's podcast.โดย Larry Lannan
You can request administrative leave allowing you to vote on election day. Duncan Giles and Larry Lannan talk about that, as well as an expanded telework pilot, awards, a call center grievance over denied annual leave and much more.โดย Larry Lannan
Duncan Giles & Larry Lannan talk about weapons screenings in some places, more unfortunate political rhetoric and an upcoming deadline for those with student loan debt, all in this episode of the Chapter 49 Podcast.โดย Larry Lannan
Duncan Giles & Larry Lannan talk about a leave blackout for telephone assistors during the coming tax filing season, a national grievance over the slow pace of reasonable accommodation request processing and how IRS will handle any government shutdown.โดย Larry Lannan
Jackie Howell is running for HSE School Board in District 1. Larry welcomes Kate Lantzer, Senior at HSE High School, and Casey Alexander, a Junior at Fishers High School, to join in the conversation with Ms. Howell.โดย Larry Lannan
As Duncan & Larry were recording this podcast, the House was poised to pass a Continuing Resolution funding the government for another 10 weeks. They also talked about a number of other issues, and ended the podcast with a tribute to journalist Mike Causey.โดย Larry Lannan
Jamie Ford, Author of "Hotel On the Corner of Bitter and Sweet," and his latest work, "The Many Daughters of Afong Moy," talks about his books and writing with Larry in this podcast. He is to appear at the Hamilton East Library in Fishers October 1, 1pm & 4pm.โดย Larry Lannan
Imagine being a ten-year-old girl, a first generation immigrant from China, and staffing the front desk at a Southern California motel. That is the story of Mia, and the book is titled Front Desk. I spoke with the author of Front Desk, Kelly Yang, just before she was scheduled to speak to some of her fans at the Hamilton East Public Library in Fish…
A movie star in her first leading role on Broadway, has her opening night, then dies after the performance. Was it suicide or murder? The Belfry Theatre allows the audience to decide if it was murder, and if so, who was the murderer? Here is my review of the play Rehearsal for Murderโดย Larry Lannan
IRS continues the detail of workers on the paper inventory "Surge" and NTEU is taking issue with the agency's handling of the situation. For more on that, and more, listen to this week's Chapter 49 Podcast with Duncan Giles & Larry Lannanโดย Larry Lannan
The government will run out of money without a continuing resolution soon, plus the Congress has an important vote coming on civil service protections. Duncan Giles & Larry Lannan discuss that and much more in this week's episode of the Chapter 49 Podcastโดย Larry Lannan
Very few suburban cities of about 100,000 population can announce $1.1 billion in investment, including a new sports & entertainment venue with 8.500 seats, in one day, but that is what Fishers Mayor Scott Fadness did on September 14. I spoke with the mayor shortly after the announcement.โดย Larry Lannan
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