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"I would make these promises to myself, 'I'm going to cut back,' or 'I'm not going to drink today.' Then I would find myself continuously breaking them. The guilt and shame that went along with that was just such a dark place to be."โดย Kim Malcolm
Police recruits in Washington State are getting new training to intervene when they see excessive force, and to report wrongdoing. Those measures are required under a new state law.โดย Amy Radil
A well-known landmark in Seattle's University District is being turned to rubble.But as hard as it may be to say goodbye, it will return.โดย Katie Campbell
Just like the coming solstice weekend weather, election season in Seattle is heating up. And after a tumultuous year, politicos are wondering what sort of election we're likely to get.โดย Angela King
Demonstrators gathered near the Port of Seattle Thursday afternoon. Their aim – was to block the unloading of a cargo ship owned by the shipping company ZIM, which was founded in Israel. Demonstrators are using the ship’s arrival as a way to protest Israeli actions in Gaza last month.โดย Joshua McNichols
‘It's not over until it truly is over, and we are really concerned that folks are going to think that we're at 70%, and therefore you don't have to worry about anything.’โดย Kim Malcolm
Wages ebb and flow in the gig economy, where workers pick up odd jobs on apps like Doordash and TaskRabbit. Sometimes, the money’s good. But with gig work, there’s no minimum wage. This summer, the Seattle City Council will work on ways to remedy that.โดย Joshua McNichols
KUOW is asking Seattle voters the same questions it is asking candidates for mayor in the 2021 primary election. This week, we asked about structural racism. Read their responses below.โดย David Hyde
The economy is gradually rebounding as Covid restrictions loosen. But many families continue to struggle with not having enough to eat. That’s especially true for military families.โดย Ruby de Luna
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