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Broadway star and NYC native Julia Murney joins J & J this week to discuss the case that still haunts fans worldwide. As an upper west sider, Julia shares her long personal history not only to the neighborhood but to this beloved, global icon.โดย Killing It On Broadway
Richard Ramirez aka The Night Stalker terrorized the citizens of Los Angeles. On this week's episode Jenn & Jess have two California natives, two time Tony Award nominee Alex Brightman and The Fabulous Invalid Co-Host Jamie DuMont to help them dive into this infamous case.โดย Killing It On Broadway
Emmy winner & NH native Sarah Silverman joins Jenn & Jess this week to discuss the infamous case of Pamela Smart which inspired the movie "To Die For." It was the first gavel to gavel murder trial to be broadcast on television in U.S. history.โดย Killing It On Broadway
John Wayne Gacy aka The Killer Clown is the subject of this week's episode. We are honored to be joined by Broadway star and Illinois native Bonnie Milligan as we delve into the crimes of this infamous serial killer.โดย Killing It On Broadway
Screenwriter Andrew Briedis & his wife, Broadway/film actress Sarah Jenkins join us to recount the final days of the cult members along with (thanks to their intrepid sleuthing) an interview with Dave Riley who served the cult their last meal at Marie Callender's.โดย Killing It On Broadway
On this special episode, NXIVM Whistleblower Sarah Edmondson joins Jenn & Jess to discuss her role in the group and what it took to ultimately leave, reclaim her life & break the organization wide open.โดย Killing It On Broadway
Texas siblings, Tony Award winner Betty Buckley & her acclaimed Director/Producer brother Norman Buckley join Jenn & Jess to discuss this 46 year old cold case and Norman's personal connection to it.โดย Killing It On Broadway
On this episode, Hawaii native and Broadway/TV Star Ann Harada joins Jenn & Jess to discuss the murder of Gil Jamieson. Ann, along with Barack Obama, is a Punahou school alumnus where the crime in question took place.โดย Killing It On Broadway
A True Crime Comedy Podcast: Each week, Broadway stars Jennifer Simard and Jessica Vosk interview celebrities from Broadway & beyond about their love of true crime and discuss one infamous case from their guest's home state!โดย Killing It On Broadway
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