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Let's Get Serious

Let's Get Serious

Kendall Bruns

In-depth interviews with ambitious creative people. Based out of Chicago, guests tend to be from the world of improv and sketch comedy with occasional forays into music and other creative disciplines. Kendall is an artist, musician and filmmaker originally from Cincinnati, OH.
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Kendall Bruns interviews Carisa Barreca and Kevin Sciretta, a sketch comedy and improv performing couple of live together lovers. They've both performed with The Second City's Boat Co on Norwegian Cruise Lines. They discuss hunting the most dangerous game, dramatic juggling and why The Second City is a good place to go on a date.…
Kendall Bruns interviews Matt Mooney from the Koala Fires. They listen to a new Koala Fires demo, Matt plays a couple of acoustic songs and they go a little crazy discussing The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, what the heck a Norn is and other stuff that makes even less sense.…
Kendall Bruns interviews Mandy Whitenack from Off Off Broadzway, a musical sketch comedy group that parodies burlesque. They discuss eating dirt as a baby, Indiana's Pizza King, Flat Top Grill and early musical theater experiences.
Kendall Bruns interviews Chris Agos, author of Acting In Chicago: Making A Living Doing Commercials, Voice Over, TV/Film And More. They discuss insanity and what makes Chicago a great city for actors, including seven ways that they can make money acting there.
Kendall Bruns interviews Tim Racine and Joe Avella from Teenager of the Year. They discuss what it means to be "Too Hot for Sketchfest", Frank Black, yellow journalism, hating easy humor, Jock Jams and the Chicago sketch comedy scene. Plus, we talk about what we're not going to talk about.
Kendall Bruns interviews Tim Soszko of The Tim and Micah Project. Tim is a performer and teacher of improv and sketch comedy. They discuss The Tim and Micah Project's new show, Versus, which begins February 12, 2011 at Donny's Skybox and Tim tells Kendall that he has a good head and face for a puppet.…
Kendall Bruns interviews Dave Urlakis and Zack Whittington of Batterymouth. They just began a run of shows at Second City's de Maat Theatre in Chicago, IL. We discuss the high stakes of doing long form improv, question iO's name and see how well they really know each other.
Kendall Bruns interviews Stefan Lawrence and Alexander Zalben of Elephant Larry, one of New York's most notorious sketch comedy groups. They take a break from the chicago Sketch Comedy Festival to discuss the Kowalski Method, using your babies as stage props and what it means to have one of your videos viewed online over 10 million times.…
Kendall Bruns interviews John Haskell and Arthur Meyer of Two Fun Men. We discuss the differences between today, tonight and tomorrow, the slow food movement, and impressing girls by performing sketch comedy. Two Fun Men is based out of New York. Sometimes Arthur plays Booner the Page on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. John works at Beans and Butts. …
Kendall interviews Drew Current about The Santa Stories: The Naughty Story, which he directed. Drew is a member of pH Productions, a company that's puts together improv and scripted shows. The Santa Stories just ended a run of performances at Studio Be that featured a closeted homosexual elf, drug-addicted Rudolph and sex-starved Mrs. Claus.…
Kendall interviews Kelly Bolton from Off Off Broadzway, a musical sketch group that puts a comedic spin on the burlesque revival of recent years. In Off Off Broadzway, Kelly plays Andy Drodgenous, a sleazy dude that follows the girls around and adds suggestive comments between (and sometimes during) songs. They talk about what it's like to say "bon…
Debut episode! The first guest was Brian Peterlin of Bri-Ko, an all silent sketch comedy trio with an upcoming run of shows at Stage773. Brian also runs tech for a number of local comedy groups so he shares his perspective from both sides of the stage.
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