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GayTherapyLA is a private practice for psychotherapy and coaching services, with Ken Howard, LCSW, CST, as its founder and director, with over 29 years experience providing services for gay men, as individuals and couples, with offices in Los Angeles and serving others nationwide in the U.S. or guys all over the world via phone or webcam sessions. Ken and his associates provide help for gay men to achieve their optimum quality of life in both their personal lives and careers. While a podcast ...
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Ken discusses gay men's approach to gay smartphone apps like Grindr and Scruff, and getting your sexual and emotional needs met with a clear perspective.โดย Ken Howard, LCSW, CST
Ken describes how the end of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions in many regions can mean recovering from a traumatic experience, with the symptoms and phases of recovery in a gay male context.
Ken Howard, LCSW, CST, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, offers three ways for gay men to improve their sex lives: communication, negotiation, and experimentation.โดย Ken Howard, LCSW, CST
Ken Howard, LCSW, CST, AASECT-Certified Sex Therapist, applies the Braun-Harvey and Vigorito "Six Principles of Sexual Health" specifically to gay men.โดย Ken Howard, LCSW, CST
Ken shares some of the research of Dr. John Gottman, who identified the "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" in relationship demise as Defensiveness, Criticism, Stonewalling, and Contempt, applied to gay men's relationships.โดย Ken Howard, LCSW, CST
Host Ken Howard, LCSW, CST, welcomes David Ley, Ph.D., CST-S, author of "The Myth of Sex Addiction" and other books, to revisit the idea of "sex addiction" or "porn addiction" in gay men.โดย Ken Howard, LCSW
Ken Howard, LCSW, CST, gives guidance on how sex therapy for gay men helps your quality of sex life with yourself, partner(s), or others in affirming ways.โดย Ken Howard, LCSW
Ken gives practical tips for success for 2021, in many areas of your life, including emotionally, physically, financially, relationally, and professionally.โดย Ken Howard, LCSW
GayTherapyLA founder, Ken Howard, LCSW gives tips on dealing with the stress of COVID-19, how to avoid pitfalls, and ultimately prepare for recovery.
Ken gives tips on how gay men who have a much younger or a much older partner can make their relationship thrive for the long term.โดย Ken Howard, LCSW
Ken Howard, LCSW, a specialist in gay men's relationship advice, gay couples therapy, and gay sex therapy, gives tips on how to manage a gay long-distance relationship.โดย Ken Howard, LCSW
Ken discusses the need for gay men to have bars, clubs, and other social "safe spaces" of their own, which are being increasingly threatened during COVID-19 and social changes.โดย Ken Howard, LCSW
Ken shares the Mental Health chapter from his book, "Self-Empowerment: Have the Life You Want!" and its application to gay men.โดย Ken Howard, LCSW
Ken gives case examples of how gay couples face the dilemma of being two "tops" or two "bottoms", and how couples therapy and sex therapy can help.โดย Ken Howard, LCSW
Ken gives tips on how developing self-discipline can help you achieve what you want to do, be, or have, offering solutions to the things that get in your way.โดย Ken Howard, LCSW
Ken gives a list of essential mental health coping skills for success for actors, writers, designers, and other creative professionals.โดย Ken Howard, LCSW
Ken discusses an article by Elyssa Kirkham on the 7 must-have money conversations to have before cohabitation or marriage, but from a gay male perspective.โดย Ken Howard, LCSW
Ken asks you to reflect on your "relationship" with alcohol and drugs. What's the quality of this relationship? What changes need to be made for your best life? How does one get help?โดย Ken Howard, LCSW
Ken discusses how the classic "Big Five" personality traits of Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism apply to understanding gay men.โดย Ken Howard, LCSW
Ken discusses why gay White men and other LGBT should be supporting #BlackLivesMatter as a collaboration of minority groups to fight social injustice with activism.โดย Ken Howard, LCSW
Gay men's specialist therapist and sex therapist, Ken Howard, LCSW, discusses erectile dysfunction at three "stages" and how to cope with them, balancing both the medical and the psychological aspects of gay men's sex.โดย Ken Howard, LCSW
Ken Howard, LCSW discusses how to validate both positive and negative feelings during the COVID-19 crisis and find coping strategies that work for each of us.โดย Ken Howard, LCSW
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