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KCRW’s DnA: Design and Architecture explores who and what matters in our designed world – on air, online and at public events. Host Frances Anderton talks to designers, users and experts about products, fashion, buildings and more, in Los Angeles and beyond –revealing how we shape today’s world and how it shapes us.
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So often architecture is associated with high price custom homes and fancy institutional buildings.But many designers are also helping shape the city with pro bono work for nonprofits in less affluent neighborhoods. One in the news recently is the Campus For At-Risk Children in Watts being designed by Frank Gehry.And unveiled Saturday – with a cele…
Berliners are facing many of the same challenges as Angelenos in terms of affordable living space, as well as coming to grips with changing family structure; but, they have come up with an intriguing solution. Baugruppen, meaning building groups, are cohousing communities where you choose who you want to live alongside and then split the costs of d…
While in Berlin, DnA’s producer Caroline Chamberlain visited the world’s first board game cafe called Spielwiese. She met with the designers of some games dealing with some very German challenges. “Cool am Pool” is a board game coming soon by Hartwig Jakubik that has players compete over the best places by the pool. Caroline learns how it works and…
Frank Lloyd Wright’s first L.A. commission, the Hollyhock House, opens once more to the public after a lengthy restoration. Alan Hess, an architect and preservationist who has written five books on Frank Lloyd Wright, talks about why he can’t wait for the building’s opening and what we can learn from Frank Lloyd Wright today.…
Everything Talks let us know what our objects really think. In this episode Tom Saunders channels a paper and a Wholefoods reusable bag bickering over who killed the plastic bag. Shockingly, however, "plasty" makes a comeback.โดย KCRW: DnA
Huntington Beach approved a reusable bag ordinance last month. Channel 2 reports, while many agree with the goal to cut down on the 123 thousand tons of discarded plastic bags in the state every year, a lot of residents in HB are hot under the collar that the ban wasn’t put on the ballot. They say if the city is worried about the beaches, they shou…
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