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God wants to meet us where we are, not where we think we are supposed to be. His only agenda and plan is to be together with us where we are. Being together is the goal. Allow yourself to be honest with yourself and God, and find true freedom in his love.โดย Churchome
When we stress and strive, we feel separated from God, who designed our relationship to be organic and intimate. We can’t see our futures or understand everything in this life, but we can trust the one who holds it all!โดย Churchome
Why does the famous storm stop after they get in the boat? The storm isn’t about the circumstances we feel; nor is the boat our true source of safety! God relates to storms differently, and Jesus is going to reveal himself in new ways!โดย Churchome
Life will happen to all of us; we’re all damaged and dependent, but we’re also all destined. Jesus knows who you are, and whether you’ve been disgraced or distinguished, shake it off and go live each day with him.โดย Churchome
God wants us to go to him with anything, but we often don’t because we don’t understand him. He’s not destructive, dependent, or depleted. He’s a good, powerful, consistent father who always has time for us and wants to connect with us.โดย Churchome
When we retell the true story of Jesus, we access power that helps us predict the future and make new plans. What Jesus did, Jesus does, and he can do again. Remind yourself that you’re forgiven, and plan on Jesus directing your steps.โดย Churchome
Stephen is just as ordinary as each of us, but when facing an excruciating death, God overtook him and gave him the strength to be extraordinary in his response. In our most challenging moments, God will be present. He’ll overtake us and transform us into reflections of Jesus.โดย Churchome
The Resurrection of Jesus can powerfully impact our everyday lives. In him, we have a living hope! This hope can fill us with expectation for good, energize us to keep going, and be experienced in God’s deep, tangible love.โดย Churchome
It’s all too easy to let our sense of security and confidence depend on ideal circumstances. But with Jesus, we can have unshakeable security in trusting what he’s done, that he can do something new, and in who he is!โดย Churchome
Do you think you’ve lost control because of a loss of information? Jesus can fill that space with a transforming realization of who he is! He’s involved. He’s active. He’s in love with you, and he will never leave you!โดย Churchome
When our confidence takes a hit from life, it can feel like we’ve lost it forever. But Jesus is a redeemer! He can take our lowest moments and use them as a symbol of what he’s capable of doing. He’s the restorer of our confidence.โดย Churchome
As we live in freedom in Jesus, we exhibit ever-increasing sweetness. Sweetness is kindness in action. Legalism and comparison can try to distract us from sweetness, but Jesus is producing the fruit of the spirit in us!โดย Churchome
Culture tries to tell us that freedom is doing whatever we want, and we rely on self-discipline to keep us from self-indulgence. But Jesus teaches another way entirely: we’re free in him, and freedom is loving our neighbor.โดย Churchome
Trauma has a way of interrupting and taking over our plans. We don’t always understand the why of it all, but we can assuredly count on the same Jesus who wept and then performed miracles to also grieve with and be with us today.โดย Churchome
Traumatic experiences can disrupt how we see ourselves and leave us asking “Who am I?” But Jesus wants to meet us and heal us. He’ll repeat our calling, redeem our places of failure, and remind us who we are.โดย Churchome
Let’s celebrate the birth of Jesus together! Wherever you are right now, God is with you. He’s behind you as your guard, beside you as your guide, and before you as your goal. Merry Christmas!โดย Churchome
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