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Collin Moore makes a triumphant appearance on the show, as we finally interview our most talked-about guest. He answers some very targeted 'would you rather' questions, are we are all generally uncomfortable.โดย Nathan, Collin, Josh, Austin
Millennials are out for blood these days, ruining everything in sight. This week, we take a look at how our depraved generation has ruined America's most beloved condiment: Mayonnaise. Or at least we look into a middle-aged woman from Philadelphia's thoughts on the matter.โดย Nathan, Austin, Josh
In this week's episode, our problems have become your problems! In the midst of an ant infestation at Public Access HQ, we take a quiz to see if we can determine the homeland of a handful of bizarre bugs.โดย Nathan, Madisen, Julia, Josh, Austin
Christmas cookies are delicious, so who wouldn't want to listen to four people decorate them for half an hour? We manage to squeeze out a few sentences despite our concentration, so please join us in the first of our Public Access Christmas Spectacular!โดย Madisen, Josh, Austin, Nathan
Want to learn more about photography? We sure do. Kyle Stinson talks more about his photography career, upcoming showcase, and what it takes to break into the world of taking photos professionally.โดย Nathan, Kyle, Josh, Austin
Do you like mashed potatoes? Do you like them enough to watch us eat them for thirty minutes while we talk about movies and pilgrims? Then you're in luck because that's exactly what happened on the Jeff and Josh Extra Special Tater and Pizza Thanksgiving Bonanza!โดย Nathan, Austin, Josh
Can you tell the difference between a muffin and a baby? Do you like answering the hard questions in life? If so, join us this week as we tackle some of life's most pressing queries on Jeff and Josh!โดย Nathan, Kade, Matthew, Austin
Have you ever wondered if a professional artist can really tell the value of fine art? Well Belit Pigman is here to answer your questions. We catch up with our good friend and ask her to price some very abstract modern art. This episode has got it all.โดย Nathan, Belit, Madisen, Josh
Grubb Month continues this week on Public Access as we are joined by the hilarious Dylan and Riley Grubb. If you want to hear about pre-schoolers and Mac 'n Cheetos, then this episode is for you.โดย Nathan, Riley, Dylan, Josh
This week we dive into the topic of weird dreams and the science behind them. This might possibly be the most educational episode yet, so get your school supplies out kids, because it's time to learn about dreaming, Barney, and the 1985 film Black Cauldron.โดย Nathan, Madisen, Josh, Austin
This week we take turns swapping stories, like the good old days. Such topics as tattoos, car crashes, berry picking, and the scorching heat of the Texas sun all arise, and we wrap the whole thing up in under 20 minutes. What's not to love?โดย Austin, Josh, Madisen, Nathan
This week Kade Berger joins us in getting the meat sweats when we try to eat hot wings while podcasting. Our mouths were in pain, your ears will be in pain, what's not to love? Please watch this so we never have to do it again.โดย Josh, Kade, Nathan
Welcome to the Roast of Nathan Robertus, where we bring Ben and Ellise Moon on the show and they talk about their lives, their education, and roast the hosts constantly. Also the puns. So many puns.โดย Nathan, Josh, Ben, Ellise
This week we waste everyone's time by reading through Collins chat history and then for some reason we talk about the apocalypse. If you want to hear who we would like to team up with when it all goes down or what atrocity Collin at for breakfast, you're in the right place. If not, please watch this anyways. I asked you nicely.…
When Houston Abbott is around, you drop everything to have him on the show. We talk about world travel, rock climbing, Selena Gomez and tattoos. Houston is the best, and we are stoked to have him make our show better for us.โดย Nathan, Josh, Austin, Houston
When the women are away, the men will... Sit on the couch and complain about stuff. We have ourselves our first ever official "mancast" where we discuss pros and cons of having a beard and the lamest ways we have injured ourselves. There's a lot of angst here for a group of guys well beyond their teens.…
This week we have the one and only, John Weidenaar. We discuss football, playing sports, being Dutch, and how much we all dislike Cleveland. Why does Cleveland always come up on this podcast? Regardless, enjoy John's radio voice putting the rest of us to shame this week.โดย Nathan, Josh, John Weidenaar, Austin
Believe it or not, we haven't cancelled this podcast yet! This week, we talk about all the new things that were happening in our lives back when we filmed this over a month ago! Join us for some dated discussions on what early June had to offer for us.โดย Nathan, Josh, Madisen, Austin
This week we have two special guests, Lane and Whitney Norberg. We talk about marriage, play the newlyweds game, cheat in the newlyweds game, and have a musical number. Buckle up, because we had a litany of technical difficulties, but it wouldn't be Jeff and Josh without something breaking down.โดย Nathan, Josh, Lane, Whitney
Join us for this week's episode where we have a special guest and Josh mostly talks about his hopes and dreams instead. Josh wants to learn more about Wales and Nathan and Madisen are planning to visit Singapore. Austin doesn't say much.โดย Nathan, Josh, Austin, Madisen
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