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I am so honored to speak about the future or podcasting at Harvard. It is an honor to be asked to even do it. With that, it seems as everything is rocking on the outside while I am dealing with some issues on the inside. It has been a really tough summer and I haven't even been here. I am glad to be here now, and I can't help you get back to it, as…
On today's show, I share with you one of my favorite super ninja tricks to find information and learn about who is out there. Join me on the show today as I reveal one of the tricks that have helped me immensely.โดย JB Glossinger
On today's show, I discuss one of the major issues I see and that is people getting caught up in the technology. Join me today, as I focus on helping you get away from getting caught up in the technology and losing focus on what is really important.โดย JB Glossinger
One of the key things we need to do in business is manage expectations. If we start to bank in our head it can lead to trouble and it is why we should always sell before we build. Join me on today's show to discuss why we need to do this.โดย JB Glossinger
On today's show, I discuss the importance of getting with a group that will help you. A Mastermind of people who will help you get to the next level. Join me on the show today as I give you some ideas on finding your group.โดย JB Glossinger
On today's show, I discuss my history with podcasting and how it has changed my life after 3400 episodes. I also discuss some ideas on why you should podcast and also how I got so many downloads. Please remember to rate, review and subscribe.โดย JB Glossinger
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