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In the final episode of You're Excused Season 1, Elizabeth and Ashley talk about how both individuals and businesses can shift their perspectives during times of uncertainty and survival.
In this episode, Elizabeth and Ashley have a conversation with a panel of wellness professionals, from an aura photographer to a male relationship expert to an acupuncturist, about how magic can exist in the midst of chaos.
In this episode, Elizabeth and Ashley get candid about representation. They discuss their experiences as business owners on a mission to create a more inclusive space in the wellness industry and give tips on how to cultivate diverse relationships.
In this minisode, Ashley interviews the talented and charismatic Cacey Lewis about her unique professional background and passions which led her to her current role and journey with TRILUNA as a yoga instructor and Community Experience Manager.
This week Elizabeth and Ashley take a journey into the "wellderness" so you can get out of it. They dive into the signs and effects of sneaky diet culture and the alternatives we have to harming ourselves in the process of trying to be well.
In the premier episode of You're Excused, Elizabeth & Ashley discuss their health journeys up to this point including how the universe brought them together to become the co-founders of TRILUNA, an experiential wellness company based in Nashville with a unique approach to making wellness accessible and sustainable for all. They dive into their miss…
Join Elizabeth Moore & Ashley Brooke James, co-founders of TRILUNA, for candid conversations about everything that wellness is and everything that wellness is not. You can expect to learn about food, yoga, and community plus the taboo- mental health, race, sex, and finances. The two outspoken wellness entrepreneurs are ready to share their stories …
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