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Have you ever found yourself wondering, "Was that God? Or just a coincidence?" This Sunday, we'll look at how to recognize when God is working out His purpose through our outward circumstances, guiding us in a certain direction.โดย Todd D. Cullen
The phrase "God's will" is often used by religious and irreligious people alike, but many of us are confused by what God's will really means and how to discover it. In our new series, Landing Lights, we will highlight five scriptural checkpoints, and learn how to apply these principles to help us find and affirm God's direction in our lives.…
We want to be a Transformational Church - sharing the message of Jesus Christ and leading people to follow Him. In this message, we'll review both the values and the DNA of who God has called us to be as a Community church on Hilton Head Island, and how you make up the transformational church that can change the world.…
The God of Restoration makes things new. The God of Creation makes new things. The Holy Spirit has been making new things from the beginning. This Sunday, Todd wraps up our Restoration series with a message on the "agent of restoration" - the Holy Spirit.โดย Todd Cullen
When Jesus restores, He takes an old thing and transforms it into something brand new. In this series, we've been discovering how we can be fully restored by Jesus. This Sunday, Todd continues in our series with a message on how Jesus restores broken relationships.โดย Todd Cullen
In this series, we've been talking about how Jesus makes all things new. This Sunday, we'll look at the battlefield of the mind and discover how to have a peaceful, healthy mind through the transforming power of Jesus.โดย Todd Cullen
We more easily discover God's plan for a peaceful, abundant, and intentional life when we come to Jesus to find rest. This Sunday, Todd dives into how to find real rest independent of your circumstances - the kind of rest that can only be found in Jesus.โดย Todd Cullen
This Sunday, Todd kicks off our brand new series, "Restoration," and we'll share in communion together. For us, restoration is making something old look new. When Jesus restores, He takes an old thing and transforms it into something brand new. Let's discover how we can be fully restored by Jesus...because He is making all things new!…
What really makes us (un)fit to be used by God? When we put ourselves in a position of compromise. In the conclusion of our series, we'll discover four things that compromise our ability to be used by God.โดย Todd Cullen
What does it take to be a good leader? Even if our natural leadership quotient is small, if we are humble, teachable, and a team player, God will use us to make a difference in our world.โดย Todd Cullen
Moses was frustrated with the Israelites' grumbling and complaining as he led them through the desert. This Sunday, we'll learn from Moses' life that following God's plan may not always make sense to us, but He sees the big picture and we can trust Him!โดย Todd Cullen
Todd continues in our series Un(fit) where we're learning from the story of Moses on how God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things.โดย Todd Cullen
God is fully aware of all the circumstances surrounding our birth into this world, the way we were raised as children, and all the mistakes we've made along the way. In Week 1 of our series, we'll discover how to believe and trust that God will use the circumstances of our past to accomplish His plan and purpose for our lives.…
This Sunday, Justin teaches on Proverbs chapter 16. We'll discover together how through wisdom, righteousness, and humility we can stay on God's best path for our lives.โดย Justin Boyter
We all like a good "life hack" - a clever tip for simplifying a familiar task. You could say that the book of Proverbs is like God's original book of spiritual life hacks. As we kick off a new year, let's walk through Proverbs together and discover how applying its valuable wisdom to our everyday lives will help us grow spiritually in 2022.…
We all enter the holiday season with excitement, anticipation, and certain expectations. Before Jesus was born, many people expected the Messiah to be a rich, powerful king. When He didn’t meet their expectations, they were deeply disappointed. In our Christmas message series, “So This Is Christmas”โดย Todd Cullen
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