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Join two Certified Master Brewers as they share stories of the early 2000's of brewing from their serendipitous meeting in brewing university in Germany to a deep dive into the history of the industry itself in the late 90's and early 2000'sโดย iLogic Media
On this week's episode, we start out with breaking news on the wide receiver front. What difference in players' attitudes this year as compared to past years? How has Caserio / Lovie changed the mood in the building?โดย iLogic Media
In our inaugural episode, we break down some of the storylines heading into the Houston Texans' Training Camp. We look at some of the young players battling for jobs and discuss if Davis Mills is legit.โดย iLogic Media
Special Guest from Speakeasy 330 Tom Sloan 9-9:30 Tom Sloan form Speakeasy BIG 10 future w USC UCLA 1. Father expansion 2. Conference realignment 3. TV Contract 9:30-9:40 Raj Pac 12 post USC UCLA 9:40-9:50 Brittney Grinder 9:50-10:00 fall out Of Baker Trade bet you nuts Closing wordsโดย iLogic Media
After Tim James resigned at East Ridge on Tuesday to become the Hamilton County athletic director, the Pioneers wasted little time in naming his replacement. Chad Barger, the offensive coordinator for the Pioneers the previous three seasons, has been elevated to head coach. “I am honored to be named head football coach at East Ridge high school,” B…
Pac-12 powerhouses USC and UCLA are finalizing plans to leave the conference for the Big Ten as early as the 2024 athletic season, sources tell CBS Sports' Matt Norlander and Dennis Dodd. Though the move is not yet official, it appears as if the Big Ten is aiming to make a significant acquisition that will change the college sports landscape. An an…
In the final episode of season 1, the host comes to a realization while reflecting on a common chore he and his father loved to perform - a job complete ought to be reflected on. My Dad, I'm Dad will return in the fall. The host thanks everyone who took time out of their lives to listen.โดย iLogic Media
The host is devastated when he witnesses his daughter suffer a real injury for the first time. When he realizes she will be fine, he considers the physical and emotional injuries his family suffered together and how his father opened the door to healing from them.โดย iLogic Media
1. Javy Beaz as Tiger and Freddie Freeman as a Dodger do they fit their new teams? 2. Cubs rebuild is that hard a Cubs fans? How long to be back in contention? 3. Pick a winner NL Division AL Division wildcards World Series Match up winner Individuale winners NL & AL Cy Young NL & AL MVP 4. Ray Ray’s Legend of game Todd Helton…
The host wishes a happy father's day to all the dad's out there! However, he feels the need to explain how his late father inspired him to look at his wife and mother as perhaps the most incredible element of his family. They have gifted him life and a reason to live. This episode is dedicated to them.…
On the year anniversary of his father's passing, the host remembers a long drive punctuated by purpose and reluctant acceptance. A perennial favorite actor helps him sum up a lifetime worth of unspoken words for his father and anyone listening.โดย iLogic Media
The host is as happy as any Midwesterner when the sun begins to shine come spring, but he soon learns his daughter's full moon complexion presents a challenge. Luckily, his father provided more than enough cautionary tales for how to enjoy the sun without looking like boiled lobster.โดย iLogic Media
Atlanta Falcons 2022 Draft Picks: Round 1: No. 8 – Drake London, WR, USC Round 2: No. 38 (from NYG via NYJ via CAR) – Arnold Ebiketie, DE, Penn State Round 2: No 58 (from TEN) – Troy Andersen, LB, Montana State Round 3: No. 74 – Desmond Ridder, QB, Cincinnati Round 3: No. 82 (from IND) – DeAngelo Malone, LB, Western Kentucky Round 5: No. 151 – Tyle…
Courtney returns to the podcast with the history of vodka, Poland and Russia fight while Sweden just chills out, Marc makes up lies about bison grass, Jon talks bar philosophy and his PTSD regarding the Cosmo and Dirty Martini.โดย iLogic Media
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