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In the seventeenth episode of Beyond Farpoint, Baz and Geoff discuss Wesley Crusher’s journey across The Next Generation and his relationship to the mysterious Traveller. What to expect from episode 17: Wesley Crusher’s Peach Jumper Monstrosity …โดย Holosuite Media
A look back at the first two seasons of The Fire Caves, as well as recognition and tribute to the life and career of Nichelle Nichols. What to expect from episode 48: The Fire Caves: After Dark? Briefing Our Second official Fire Caves After Dark! Perry and Da…โดย Holosuite Media
A new threat finally makes its grand appearance in the Gamma Quadrant. Perry and David discuss The Jem’Hadar and those in command! What to expect from episode 47: The Jem’Hadar? Briefing The Jem’Hadar are finally here! Jake and Ben, together…โดย Holosuite Media
Tuvix. Join Sobrasuziam – the sexy mash up of Liam, Suzanne, and guests, Brandi and Sohail – to definitively answer this question: was it murder? Where did those plastic containers go in Tuvix? Just what body parts were dominant? Is Tuvix edib…โดย Holosuite Media
The Tribunal, AKA O’Brien Must Suffer! Perry and David discuss the nuances of Miles O’Brien and Odo! Plus, some Keiko appreciation! What to expect from episode 46: Tribunal? Briefing Tribunal, or O’Brien Must Suffer! Is it Hoon or Boon? The O…โดย Holosuite Media
A Collaborator in our midst’s! Tune in for David and Perry discussing the possible traitor and all the implications for DS9! What to expect from episode 45: The Collaborator? Briefing The Collaborator! An intriguing story of betrayal. The noble lie, and…โดย Holosuite Media
Geoff and Baz look at crossover episodes of other Star Trek series where the characters of Star Trek: The Next Generation have appeared in. What to expect from episode 16: The King and Queen of Crossovers Introductions Baz and Geoff talk about their love for…โดย Holosuite Media
Crossover to the mirror universe and see what the gang has been up to since the time of Kirk and the Enterprise! Perry and David discuss. What to expect from episode 44: Crossover? Briefing Crossover to the other side! Through the looking glass, darkly. Major …โดย Holosuite Media
The Wire upon with Garak’s lies hang becomes detached in this weeks ep. This week, Perry and David discuss the enigmatic spy! What to expect from episode 43: The Wire? Briefing The Wire, the tale of a disgraced spy. What is wrong with Garak? Dr. Julian B…โดย Holosuite Media
The Maquis test the limits of Sisko’s understanding and compassion, and an old friend becomes a new enemy. Tune in for the discussion! What to expect from episode 42: The Maquis Pt. 2? Briefing The Maquis: The exciting conclusion! Ben Sisko is dismissed…โดย Holosuite Media
The Thaw. “VERMILLION ALERT! All hands to interference stations, I’m about to interfere with a society that doesn’t need my help!” Join Liam & Suzanne talk about this clown heavy episode, and list out all of Harry Kim’s d…โดย Holosuite Media
Ben Sisko must come to terms with a new threat and the betrayal of an old friend. Perry and David and special guest host Kris discuss this exciting episode! What to expect from episode 41: The Maquis Pt. 1? Briefing The Maquis…a French Resistance grou…โดย Holosuite Media
In the fifteenth episode of Beyond Farpoint, Geoff and Baz are joined by returning guest Gemma to look at season six’s Frame of Mind. What to expect from episode 15: Frame of Mind Introductions – and what is real? Baz and Geoff welcome Gemm…โดย Holosuite Media
Jadzia must honor a Blood Oath. Will She? Perry and David discuss the finer points of loyalty, honor, and duty in this episode. What to expect from episode 40: Blood Oath? Briefing Blood Oath, the best kind of oath. Kor, Da’Har Master! “I am Kolot…โดย Holosuite Media
Quark must choose between profit and a lost love. Perry and David reminisce about past relationships and love portrayed in Trek. What to expect from episode 39: Profit and Loss? Briefing Profit and Loss, or Casablanca in space! Quark is our featured star, an…โดย Holosuite Media
Innocence. Liam and Suzanne have figured out that the crew of Voyager just really enjoy descrating gravesites. The conversation delves into glitter unicorns, a Skynet situation, Chaneway, and dual Tuvok fingers. Just what are leadership eyebrows anyways? T…โดย Holosuite Media
Career Advancement through Joining: Dax has an opportunity to decide the fate of another ambitious Trill in “Playing God.” Is she up to the task? What to expect from episode 38: Playing God? Briefing David and Perry discusss Playing God and the …โดย Holosuite Media
An alien culture needs the help of Odo and Dax to solve their mystery. Also, The Sisko’s are back and sharing growing pains. What to expect from episode 37: Shadowplay? Briefing Shadowplay! What an interesting title. Odo and Dax, together for the first…โดย Holosuite Media
Deadlock. Fire off a mammary pulse to bring your ship back in phase and join Liam and Suzanne for a very complicated episode whereby we ask the important questions – scaly or chapped nips? Which Janeway can out-Jane-Way the other Janeway? What to exp …โดย Holosuite Media
In Paradise, Ben Sisko’s convictions go head to head with a religious zealot! Who will win? Tune in for the breakdown and discussion! What to expect from episode 36: Paradise? Briefing A Paradise of a planet. What makes a place paradise? Sisko and O̵…โดย Holosuite Media
In the fourteenth episode of Beyond Farpoint, Geoff and Baz look at the latest adventures of Jean Luc Picard with guest Alex Perry of Weekly Trek, as they review season two of Star Trek: Picard What to expect from episode 14: The Road Not Taken: A Picard S …โดย Holosuite Media
In Whispers, Miles O’Brien suspects everyone and is on the lamb. Will he find help? Will he be caught? Find out in this breakdown! What to expect from episode 35: Whispers? Briefing Whispers against our man O’Brien? Say it ain’t so! We begin…โดย Holosuite Media
A dangerous virus brings our Engineer and Doctor closer together. Will they survive and allow their friendship to bloom? Tune In! What to expect from episode 34: Armageddon Game? Briefing Armageddon Game! A fun episode featuring two favorites! O’Brien a…โดย Holosuite Media
The Alternate, an episode dealing with the origins of Constable Odo, and his relationship with his Bajoran “Father.” Tune in for more! What to expect from episode 33: The Alternate? Briefing The Alternate….what? Odo is now the subject of the…โดย Holosuite Media
Investigations. Liam and Suzanne drop in on A Briefing With Neelix to discuss questionable cheesemongers, Tom’s lack of packing skills, and (checks notes) nostril fisting?! Investigations is the episode where Janeway, in her infinite wisdom, provides…โดย Holosuite Media
To mark Beyond Farpoint’s first anniversary, Episode 13 sees Geoff and Baz talk about their favourites from each season of TNG (and movies). They discuss their favourite episodes, villains, characters and moments. What to expect from episode 13: Captain …โดย Holosuite Media
In Rivals, we see Quark take down a competitive upstart, and Bashir and O’Brien fight the age old battle between youth and experience. What to expect from episode 32: Rivals!? Briefing Rivals! What makes for a good Rivalry? Perry and David discuss their…โดย Holosuite Media
In “Sanctuary, we see Bajoran Xenophobia on prime display. Will Major Kira stand up to this new alien race? Plus some great trek alum easter eggs! What to expect from episode 31: Sanctuary? Briefing “Sanctuary!” Quasimodo is NOT in this epi…โดย Holosuite Media
Lifesigns. Pashing in a 1950s car may be Tom’s ideal date, but not for the Doctor! Liam and Suzanne chat about the personal growth in the Doctor, the sad life of a Vidiian, and coin a new term for something… What exactly is the Seska Subroutin…โดย Holosuite Media
In “Second Sight” we get to see another side of Benjamin Sisko, a softer, slightly tragic side. Hopefully things go well for our beloved Captain. What to expect from episode 30: Second Sight? Briefing Second Sight, another chance at love. What ha…โดย Holosuite Media
Perry and David missed you so much that they came back to give you a little more! Listen to this follow up to Second Sight! What to expect from episode 29: The Fire Caves: After Dark? Briefing Perry and David wanted to give you MORE Fire Caves! Will this be a…โดย Holosuite Media
A dangerous femme fatale appears and sets us down a nostalgic path of when Deep Space Nine was Terok Nor. We meet Odo, Quark, and Kira in a different light What to expect from episode 28: Necessary Evil? Briefing Necessary Evil, the best kind of evil. Perry…โดย Holosuite Media
Death Wish. Join Liam and Suzanne as they wade into the deep conversations brought about in this episode. Such as, was that really rabbit and what is going on with John de Lancie’s lips?! Also, watch out for ANTS! What to expect from episode 38: Scie …โดย Holosuite Media
The Rules of Ferengi society are on display in this episode. Also Quark makes a friend and the Grand Nagus is back with an opportunity! What to expect from episode 27: Rules of Acquisition? Briefing A deep dive on the Rules of Acquisition! How do these rules …โดย Holosuite Media
In the twelfth episode of Beyond Farpoint, Baz and Geoff take a look at ship’s engineer Geordi La Forge, played by LeVar Burton, and pick four key episodes from his time on the show. What to expect from episode 12: Pilot, Engineer And An Android̵ …โดย Holosuite Media
Melora, a fascinating new alien is introduced to Deep Space Nine. Will she be a dud or a hit? Perry and David discuss this and much more! What to expect from episode 26: Melora? Briefing Melora! A new alien for our officers on Deep Space Nine. Bashir has a cr…โดย Holosuite Media
Dreadnought. NSFW. Lube up and get ready to get as sweaty as Lt Torres. Join us with guest Char to talk about another time where a sentient piece of machinery is trying to destroy something. Was Janeway Pi-110’ing for someone she’s never met t…โดย Holosuite Media
Cardassians show up and we learn a lot about how they treated not only Bajorans during the Occupation, but also their own children. What to expect from episode 25: Cardassians? Briefing Cardassians, always doing scumbag stuff! Perry and David discuss the poli…โดย Holosuite Media
The Station is evacuated. Again. Quarks greed run afoul the senior officers and Jadzia may pay the ultimate price. Sisko shows why he is awesome. What to expect from episode 24: Invasive Procedures? Briefing Invasive Procedures…what does that mean? Our…โดย Holosuite Media
Meld. There are things in the Star Trek Universe that you don’t know you need until you realise it exists. One of those things ia a furry finger facial from our friend, Neelix. Join Liam + Suzanne as they talk through this fantastic episode! What to …โดย Holosuite Media
The Station is evacuated. The Siege has begun. Can Commander Sisko and his rag tag team survive the onslaught and end The Circle? What to expect from episode 23: The Siege? Briefing The Culmination of an explosive trilogy! Deep Space Nine is Under Siege! The …โดย Holosuite Media
On the anniversary of its first airing, Beyond Farpoint chats to Eric A. Stillwell about ‘Yesterday’s Enterprise’, ‘Shades of Gray’, ‘Prime Factors’, Disney princesses and Star Trek fan clubs. What to expect from e …โดย Holosuite Media
Major Kira seeks a new path while Li Nalas’ brings him to The Circle. Can the two sort out where they belong before it’s too late? < What to expect from episode 22: The Circle? Briefing The Circle, It is Broken. Jaro vs Sisko….place your b…โดย Holosuite Media
Threshold. NSFW. Liam and Suzanne throw open their space doors to special guest, Brandi, to talk about one of the more… out there episodes of Voyager. Does Neelix get waxed, is Janeway ‘sturdy,’ and just what does Paris Delight taste lik…โดย Holosuite Media
A long lost hero returns from imprisonment and looks for peace. Meanwhile, his people look to him for a new direction and leadership. What to expect from episode 21: The Homecoming? Briefing The Homecoming of Li Nalas, and what that means for Kira and Bajor!…โดย Holosuite Media
Perry and David complete their first season! What were their key take aways? Who are their favorites? What will happen next season? What to expect from episode 20: Season 1 Recap? Briefing The First season is over! Perry and David made it! What do our host lo…โดย Holosuite Media
A mysterious religious figure appears in Keiko O’Brien’s classroom. She accuses Keiko of opening a path to blasphemy. Vedek Winn’s first appearance is explosive. What to expect from episode 19: In the Hands of the Prophets? Episode Briefi …โดย Holosuite Media
Alliances. Telegram! You have been invited to the event of the Season hosted by the Queen of Diplomacy, Katherine Janeway! Join Liam and Suzanne see just how many Jane-ways they can give out in one episode. What to expect from episode 34. My Fair Kazon? Lia…โดย Holosuite Media
In the tenth episode of Beyond Farpoint, Baz and Geoff revisit the first season of Star Trek: Picard, reflecting on the continuation of the Star Trek: The Next Generation story and Jean Luc Picard’s journey. What to expect from episode 10: Sheer F*#!ing Hu …โดย Holosuite Media
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