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Prepare to forget everything you ever thought you knew about camping, fly fishing and outdoor adventure with the always super hilarious, Hank Patterson. Hank is a high school graduate, community college dropout, camping expert and world renowned fly fishing guide. Follow Hank into the wild at your own risk!
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This week we're learnin' all about Dick Shooter, Idaho... But before that, we're talking about doomsday prepping, escaped lab monkeys and the value of your used vehicle. It's all nonsense. Enjoy!โดย Travis Swartz & Hank Patterson
If you ever wanted random, half researched, possibly correct, maybe incorrect information about how to best use your bear spray, this is the episode for you. We'll talk Bear Spray holsters, spray painting antlers and plenty of other nonsense on another amazing episode! Enjoy!โดย Travis Swartz & Hank Patterson
It's Season Four! The season where we learn some junk. Some completely useless, some mostly useless and all pretty dang funny. We kick the season off with this... Mountain cats murdering Elk on front porches and a deep dive into the subject of drinking your urine to survive an emergency outdoor situation. Enjoy!…
Surprise! Here's one last episode to end 2021 and Season three. Hank shares his thoughts on holiday car/truck commercials, new years resolutions, new year planning and finding common ground. Happy New Beer! Merry Christmas! Happy Holidaze. ENJOY!โดย Travis Swartz & Hank Patterson
Season three is coming to a close with Hank finally telling some stories about his 2021 trip to Alaska's Bristol Bay. Sit back, relax, have a beverage and enjoy this episode all about boy bands, Justin Timberlake, the seasons first snow, grizzly bears, grizzly bears and salmon. Enjoy!โดย Travis Swartz & Hank Patterson
There are three funny moments in this weeks episode... Good luck finding 'em! It's like a Holiday Easter Egg hunt! During this train wreck, Hank and Alex talk fake Christmas trees, Nat Geo films, opportunistic wolves and getting off the grid. Enjoy!โดย Travis Swartz & Hank Patterson
Here's a post Thanksgiving day episode all about my first ever Red Fish experience, advanced chum methods for those who don't want to bother learning how to fish, how to keep a secret spot a secret and much much more. Enjoy!โดย Travis Swartz & Hank Patterson
Hank and the crew are taking an undeserved couple of weeks off for some salt water fishing and Thanksgiving. Have a happy Thanksgiving! We'll be back with a full episode on Thursday December 2nd! Hambone! Gobble Gobble! Enjoy.โดย Travis Swartz & Hank Patterson
It's that time of year again where hardly anyone got their elk and practically everyone has an excuse why. On this episode we're talking bee attacks, steel wool, an awesome camping hack, tick tock, piranha and so much more. Enjoy!โดย Travis Swartz & Hank Patterson
Here's an episode to listen to without the kids! This week Hank and Kevin are discussing blood thirsty Alaskan Otter gangs, a rare flower blooms in Europe, defending the strawberry Pop Tart and how to properly plan for a Donner party camp trip. Enjoy!โดย Travis Swartz & Hank Patterson
This one has everything you'd ever want in a podcast - sharks, bears, smash mouth, fish pageants, food poisoning, dirt roads and some survival tips for those who are lost and refuse to admit to being lost. Turn off your brain and turn up the volume. Enjoy!โดย Travis Swartz & Hank Patterson
Here's a super chill episode all about the super chill island vibes Hank immersed himself in while visiting the Hawaiian island of Kauai. It's a stress free episode all about being stress free. It's an episode about Hank's favorite things to do while in Kauai and all about the amazing and kind people who live and work there. It's also a crazy long …
Hold on tight, Hank's about to launch into a rant about airline travel, the importance of being kind and the difference betwixt going on a vacation and going on an adventure. Hambone! Snap It! Enjoy.โดย Travis Swartz & Hank Patterson
This week Kevin and Hank continue their quest to teach you absolutely nothing about absolutely nothing while talking about practically nothing. That nothing includes dirt road etiquette, hair dye advertising and a search party story fit for a feature film. Hambone! Enjoy!โดย Travis Swartz & Hank Patterson
Aspiring to live in a van down by the river? Here are a few things to consider when designing your conversion van according to a couple half wits (Hank & Kevin) who know absolutely nothing about it. As always, this one promises very little educational value! We promise. Hambone! FlapJacks! Enjoy.โดย Travis Swartz & Hank Patterson
With Hank out fishing and likely not catching and Kevin home sick with a blanket and a shot glass of Nyquil, we've decided to take the week off and share one of our favorite episodes from way back in good ol'. 2020. If you enjoyed it before, you're sure to enjoy it again. Fire up the essential oils, here we go!…
The intelligence of the common trout, the intelligence of the common fly fisher, living in hobbit holes, the benefits and drawbacks of walnuts and much more nonsense make up this weeks episode. Pop a beverage and enjoy!โดย Travis Swartz & Hank Patterson
Here's an episode all about cows attacking beach combers, sun bathing at dairy farms, the health benefits of not doing a Triathalon, befriending chimpanzees and all the things you forgot to remember to take camping.... Enjoy!โดย Travis Swartz & Hank Patterson
Hank's back from Alaska, sleep deprived and ready to drone on and on about the beauty of being off the grid and out of your comfort zone. But before all that, a little bit of information and likely misinformation about the history of Alaska becoming a state. Don't take notes, it's likely all wrong. Hambone! Enjoy!…
It all begins with some super sweet whistling. You're welcome. From there we're onto motivational meme's, the Olympics, swimming and a whole new way to up your fireside cooking game! Hank in there everyone! Enjoy!โดย Travis Swartz & Hank Patterson
Hank's on his high horse this week sharing his profound thoughts on being a good neighbor, testing meth on trout, lazy alligators and much much more. Thankfully, Kevin's around to keep Hank from going too far off the rails. Enjoy! Be Kind To Others! Hambone!โดย Travis Swartz & Hank Patterson
Looking to learn some valuable lessons about the the great outdoors? Keep on scrolling! No learnin' here. Looking to laugh at complete outdoor nonsense? Hit the play button! This week we're talkin' gators, Kevin and the kids pond fishing, a sure way to shut down a water slide reality TV show and much much more. Enjoy!…
The fragile indoorsman returns for an episode all about bringing a dog to breakfast, bears and wolves taking over the world and the most likely animal to kill you in your home state. Enjoy!โดย Travis Swartz & Hank Patterson
Among other nonsense and hilarity, this week Hank is talking about harvesting lobsters, keeping an eye out for humpback whales, people watching at the mall, a great place to get inside in West Yellowstone, Newsies the musical and running into a parade on the river. Enjoy!โดย Travis Swartz & Hank Patterson
The episode title says it all! Here's a not so deep dive into the worth of whale vomit, when to purchase used outdoor gear, rattle snake anatomy and my sisters shrewd Grand Canyon observations. ENJOY!โดย Travis Swartz & Hank Patterson
Here's an episode that's not even an episode.... An episode about not having an episode and more. An episode that explores when not to look for a bargains, mosquito soap drawbacks and the difference between a novel, novella and short story. Listen twice in case you miss the many profound metaphors. Enjoy!…
Previously on Hank Patterson's Outdoor MisAdventures, a bunch of randomness. On this weeks episode learn nearly nothing about electric mountain bikes, nothing but the bagel spice, sriracha bbq sauce, how not to catch a mirror carp and more! Enjoy!โดย Travis Swartz & Hank Patterson
Wild boar gangs in Italy, calculated Beaver attacks in Canada, hippie cicadas high on shrooms... The great outdoors are crazy and this episode is right there with 'em! Enjoy!โดย Travis Swartz & Hank Patterson
Another step into the weirdness of the great outdoors and the creatures who live there. Sasquatch murder, Mosquitoes saving the rain forest and the etiquette of tipping your guide. Hambone! Flapjack! Enjoy.โดย Travis Swartz & Hank Patterson
Hank has Alex back on the show this week to discuss a subject she knows very well... How to pull off the perfect tent heist. Along with tent thievery, they'll be chatting about things not to do with barbecue tongs, rattle snake long tongin' and the best cereal for camping. Enjoy!โดย Travis Swartz & Hank Patterson
Baby news. Colonoscopy updates. An in depth discussion on the purpose of mosquitoes. Corn fields. Pythons. Wind for the win! Here's an hour of hilarity you do not want to miss! Hambone! Enjoy.โดย Travis Swartz & Hank Patterson
Among other nonsense, Hank & Kevin discuss the benefits of owning a good bear suit, Hank's upcoming colonoscopy, preparing for rain, snow, hot, cold and how wind ruins everything. If you got plans to get outdoors anytime soon, you won't want to miss this or any other episode! Hambone! Get Your Colonoscopy! Enjoy.…
Here's a nearly full hour of nearly five minutes of useful outdoor advice for anyone heading out camping for the very first time! Grab a pen and a post it note and get ready to take three or four notes. Skunks. Urinating on fires. Turning over in a sleeping bag. Sharp jagged rocks. The likelihood of being surrounded by a wolf pack. And MUCH MORE on…
Kevin's amazing week culminates in the purchase of the vehicle of his dreams. An exploration of the dietary habits of the urban crow. Cholesterol. Cargo shorts. The etiquette of letting someone know you went fishing without them. Enjoy!โดย Travis Swartz & Hank Patterson
Nature has many beautiful surprises... this is not one of them. Just when we thought we'd hit rock bottom, we find a shovel. This weeks topics include Hippos, working on the river, mini van alternatives and Hank's better than a rooftop tent idea. Hambone! Enjoy!โดย Travis Swartz & Hank Patterson
Hank is flying solo this week! Kick back and enjoy some deep, not so intellectual, rousing, energetic thoughts on 25 cent Schaeffer Lights, 2 liter bottles of Sunshine Orange Blast Wine Coolers, Rooftop tents, the Taco Bell app, Mini Vans and Kevin's life as a Fragile Indoorsman. Enjoy! Hambone!โดย Travis Swartz & Hank Patterson
Coordinated squirrel attacks, laying around in an MRI machine, smothering steaks, fully loadin' baked taters and a rousing conversation about golf - a sure fire way ruin a perfectly nice day in the outdoors. Fore! Enjoy!โดย Travis Swartz & Hank Patterson
I knew the title, the minute I heard these words uttered on this weeks episode. This week Alex and I are talking safety in the Grand Canyon, where to clean out a barrel, snake charming and much much more. Enjoy! -Hankโดย Travis Swartz & Hank Patterson
Finally, a Hank Patterson recommended books to read episode! But before we get to the literature, we'll be treated to stories of bears biting butts in outhouses, how to cook spaghetti on a stick and much much more. ENJOY!โดย Travis Swartz & Hank Patterson
Here's an episode chock full of sophomoric humor that we should apologize for. Parachuting Beavers, Leeches on your nether regions and a dumpin' of snow all come together to form yet another super awesome episode. Enjoy!โดย Travis Swartz & Hank Patterson
If you plan to get lost in the forest anytime soon, here's an episode full of ideas on how you can stay lost. This won't help you find your way home, but it'll help you enjoy the harrowing experience. Hambone! FlapJack! Compass! Enjoy!โดย Travis Swartz & Hank Patterson
You hear about the rare wolverine in Yellowstone? You're about too. What are some good reasons to cheat at fly fishing? We'll let you know. How can you cheat? We'll let you know that too. Looking to listen to pure nonsense? We got your back. Hambone! Enjoy!โดย Travis Swartz & Hank Patterson
How prepared are you to head for the hills in a moments notice? How ill prepared are your friends? Are you prepped for a week of camping, a day of fishing, a weekend of skiing, fifty years in a bunker? Learn more or less or absolutely nothing in this weeks episode. Enjoy! Hambone!โดย Travis Swartz & Hank Patterson
Mousetraps, matching socks, ferrets, rats, forked tongues and a rousing conversation about the difference between pets and an animal prisoners.... Listen with your dog! Enjoy!โดย Travis Swartz & Hank Patterson
Hello Everyone! Unfortunately we're not able to bring you a new episode this week. Hank is sick and unable to record. That said, he's home cuddling his favorite blanky, complaining a lot and drinking vitamin C infused beers. We're sure to be back next week! Hambone!โดย Kevin Nielsen & Hank Patterson
Happy New Year and Happy New Beer everyone! Here's the kick off to season three. Raccoons in Christmas trees, $700 ski pants, resolutions to steer clear of and much much more. Hambone! Jammies! Enjoy!โดย Travis Swartz & Hank Patterson
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