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We chronicle some of the most bizarre punk rock crash pads we ever slept at, which includes one of the most infamous and disgusting tour stories in Smugglers history. You have been warned!โดย Oceanside Productions
The Smugglers make their most popular album with Mass Giorgini, plus the band hires infamous roadie Ska-T while embarking on the first wildly successful Lookout tour with the Mr T Experience. And Larry Livermore is everywhere.โดย Oceanside Productions
The Smugglers meet pop-punk icon and Lookout Records co-founder Larry Livermore, learning of his fascinating history. As well, the Smugglers play a fateful show at the Purple Onion with the Ne'er Do Wells and the Groovie Ghoulies.โดย Oceanside Productions
The Smugglers take a very, very wrong turn into the scariest town in America, then figure it out to play one of the most notorious venues in Texas: "Taco Land" in San Antonio.โดย Oceanside Productions
Grant suffers his mostly potentially deadly physical assault while on tour (which is saying a lot) and the Smugglers tour the Deep South with bands like Man... Or Astro-Man? and the heavily armed trio the Subsonics.โดย Oceanside Productions
The Smugglers meet cub, an all-women twee pop band that would become a North American indie sensation... and lead to several ego-crushing moments for the Smugglers when the two bands embark on tour together.โดย Oceanside Productions
Legendary punk band NoMeansNo help out the Smugglers in finding the ultimate touring van. In Portland, the Smugglers discover the X-Ray Cafe, the 24-hour Church of Elvis, and that... their new van isn't working properly.โดย Oceanside Productions
The Smugglers perform at the International Pop Underground Convention in Olympia during the sizzling summer of 1991, which changes the band's fortunes for years to come in the U.S.A.โดย Oceanside Productions
The Smugglers take the blame for the thorough and absolute trashing of the Hoodoo Gurus' dressing room at an infamous show with the Aussie hitmakers and the Young Fresh Fellows at the University of Manitoba.โดย Oceanside Productions
The Smugglers discover Amigos, wild new rock 'n' roll oasis on the prairies, and in the process, form a bond with the club that would endure for 30 years. And they discover what a "rider" is.โดย Oceanside Productions
In this chapter, you'll hear about the profound impact that the Smugglers' high school friend and future media star Nardwuar had on the band and the culture at their high school.โดย GL
Grant Lawrence is the author of "Dirty Windshields: the best and the worst of the Smugglers Tour Diairies" (Douglas and McIntyre, 2017), and the lead singer of the Smugglers. For the first time, Grant reads this award-winning wild rock 'n' roll ride for you chapter by chapter. First up... the hair-raising prologue.…
This is a special updated Easter Weekend 2020 broadcast of the touring show "Grant Lawrence and Friends: Stories and Songs", recorded live at the Max Cameron Theatre in Powell River, BC in 2019. This show features musical performances from three Juno Award-winning Canadian artists: Said the Whale, Jay Malinowski from Bedouin Soundclash, and Kathryn…
Linda and Wayne slowly created a life for themselves in Salubrious Bay, first building their cabin, then creating an elaborate garden. It was when they added goats to the mix when the trouble started.โดย G.Lawrence
Through some crafty negotiation, Linda and Wayne purchase the property of their dreams from... host Grant Lawrence's dad. The 5 acre plot is in the Desolation Sound Marine Park. There, they meet an assortment of characters including the Cougar Lady and Russell the (future) Hermit.โดย G. Lawrence
Linda and the crew of the Felicius were drifting aimlessly, somewhere off the coast of Vancouver Island, in the storm ravaged seas of November 1974, when Linda thought she heard something coming out of the grey mist.โดย Grant Lawrence
Amidst the chaos of the constant life-threatening storms of the North Pacific, as their boat falls apart around them and a crew member's behaviour turns dangerous, Linda witnesses one of the greatest sights she has ever seen before or since.โดย Grant Lawrence
Linda, her boyfriend Wayne, and two strangers find themselves in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on a decrepit sailboat with an endless list of potentially life-threatening problems, as they attempt to sail back to Canada against the current and the weather.โดย Grant Lawrence
Linda Syms and her boyfriend Wayne Lewis agreed to a last minute invitation to join their friend’s sailing adventure to Hawaii. It was the fall of 1974, and the couple only had $12 between them and no way to get home.โดย Grant Lawrence
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