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March 2021. Fred, Vidar, iWin and Martin make an episode on the new ecastr software, and recount their previous 4 player game in addition the other segments. 0:0:59 what's up. 0:09:33 news and events. 0:13:53 games and hobby. 0:34:00 latest Kings & Treachery game. 1:02:43 room for improvement. 1:12:59 other entertainment. 1:34:10 total war PC games…
February 2021. Fred, Vidar and Jørgen get a few drinks and chat online about Kings of War (and a lot of other stuff)! 0:0:25 what's up. 0:24:30 news and events. 0:42:00 games and hobby. 1:19:00 new rap interlude. 1:20:45 room for improvement. 1:33:35 other entertainment. 1:45:45 epic moment.โดย Fred & Vidar
September 2020. Fred and Vidar throw down a podcast ep before their KOW match! 0:0:25 what's up 0:17:45 news and events 0:37:10 games and hobby 1:01:15 room for improvement 1:12:30 other entertainment 1:33:00 epic momentโดย Fred & Vidar
July 2020. Fred and V-dawg do a sunday recording before pizza and a game! 0:0:01 Intro and random chat 0:22:00 News and Events 0:37:00 Games and Hobby 0:56:30 Room for Improvement 1:19:00 Other Entertainment 1:37:00 11 Minute D&D 1:49:30 Epic Momentโดย Fred & Vidar
June 2020. Fred and V-dawg chill out with a few beers! 0:0:01 Intro and random chat 0:11:33 Local News 0:47:43 Global News 0:48:40 Other Entertainment 1:04:00 11 Minute DnD 1:30:25 Games and Hobby 1:46:17 Epic Moment 1:59:30 Room for Improvementโดย Fred & Vidar
May 2020. Fred and V-dawgs first standard episode! 0:0:01 intro 0:0:30 opening chitchat 0:04:40 local news 0:20:50 global news 0:35:55 other entertainment 1:03:35 11 minute D&D 1:23:53 games and hobby 1:49:15 epic moment 2:04:55 outroโดย Fred & Vidar
A short episode about the new KOW forum! 0:00:01 new forum 0:01:39 badges and achievements 0:06:45 user levels 0:09:00 advantages of forum 0:10:00 support for like, share and tags 0:11:55 notifications on mobile 0:13:50 closing thoughtsโดย Fred & Vidar
May 2019. 0:00:30 Local: Kings of Vår tournament review (Kings of Spring) 1:04:00 Global: Youtube Channel Update 1:07:15 Global: Bounceback finally clarified? 1:23:40 Global: Kings and Treachery update 1:26:50 Other Entertainment 1:46:00 Dwarf Fact 1:54:55 One Minute D&D 2:02:48 Epic Momentโดย Fred & Vidar
April 2019. The crazy cat ladies Fred and Lars hit you up with another ep! 12:00 local news 23:20 global news 27:40 other entertainment 1:09:20 dwarf fact 1:19:40 one minute DnD 1:26:35 games and hobby 1:43:55 more other entertainment 1:48:20 epic momentsโดย Fred & Vidar
April 2019. Fred and Lars are joined by Billy Capgun for a jolly ol time! 0:09:25 Local News 0:22:35 Global News 0:46:05 Other Entertainment 1:00:10 One Minute DnD 1:08:15 Dwarf Fact 1:17:45 Games and Hobby 1:38:10 Epic/awkward Momentsโดย Fred & Vidar
March 2019. Finally a standard episode with them good old segments! (and some of the same old chatter) 0:02:45 Local News 0:17:00 Global News 0:28:00 Other entertainment 0:41:40 Dwarf Fact 0:47:50 Games and Hobby 1:26:00 Epic Momentโดย Fred & Vidar
February 2019. Simply a handful of Fred's recordings strung together, from the lovely Four Foot Snake GT at Element Games in Stockport, England! Apologies to my opponents Jeff Horton and Jon Gunns for not being included, as I didnt feel great on day 2 so did not do recordings until later in the day.โดย Fred & Vidar
January 2019. Fred, Lars and iWin go through the CoK19 book and link it to their games and experiences at Conquest 2019. 0:00:25 Introductions 0:20:00 2019 rules and Artifacts 0:51:00 Spells 1:50:00 Formations 2:16:00 Scenariosโดย Fred & Vidar
December 2018. Jake and Mike from Unplugged Radio join Fred and Lars for a special crossover episode! 0:00:25 Introductions 0:06:15 Local News 0:21:15 Global News 0:51:40 Other Entertainment 1:22:50 Dwarf Fact 1:30:15 Games and Hobby 1:52:58 Epic/Seinfeld Momentโดย Fred & Vidar
November 2018. Lars and Fred meet up and shoot the shit. A lot in the Other Entertaiment section to catch up from last time. 0:08:20 Local News 0:22:55 Global News 0:32:10 Other Entertainment Crusader Kings II expansion (PC) Into the Breach (PC) Hajime no Ippo (Anime) One Piece (Anime) Adam Sandler stand up (netflix) Star Trek next generation (seri…
October 2018. Jørgen, Truls and Simon think they are on Giant Dwarf, so I did not have the heart to let them down! (Jørgen, you were right, it was going to be on Konger og Krig) ;) The guys talk lists, matchups and scenarios for the upcoming Rain of Kings event in Bergen, Norway!โดย Fred & Vidar
October 2018. Fred, Lars, and a big segment of Thomas BA talking about his recent travels! 0:00:30 Local News Rain of Kings 0:28:55 Global News CoK UK fail 0:58:50 Thomas the Travel Engine Fred and Thomas compare notes about CoK Spain, and Thomas tells us about CoK UK 2:58:00 Dwarf Fact 3:06:50 Games and Hobby Mostly Deadzone…
September 2018. Fred and Lars hit you with an episode so big it probably has the Strider special rule! 0:00:00 Greetings 0:08:00 Local News Fred has started school again 0:42:00 Global News Madrid CoK coming soon 0:56:55 Other Entertainment Justice League, Altered Carbon, The Expanse 1:36:00 Dwarf Fact 1:48:25 Games and Hobby Zombie trolls, Salaman…
July 2018. Giant Dwarf / Beer Phase crossover episode by Jeff, Fred and Lars! Approximate times: 0:00:01 local and global news 0:27:30 other entertainment 0:40:15 dwarf fact 0:46:49 games and hobby and epic moment 1:17:30 nimble and corkscrew discussion 1:38:20 cok18 in hindsight 1:43:20 theme list vs power list 1:50:40 mantic armies and paint scor…
June 2018. Lars and Fred meet up! Approximate times: 0:33:00 holiday and allergy tales. 1:09:00 command group models for 3rd? 1:35:00 TnT US Soft Scores. 1:48:00 Fred tried 9th Age; a step by step comparison to KoW with highs and lows.โดย Fred & Vidar
July 2017. Fred chats to Truls and Simon from the Bergen/Western Norway KOW scene. We talk about Universal Battle, what they think of the CoK17 rules, and their November event "Rain of Kings"!โดย Fred & Vidar
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