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A group of men and women sit and blend their thoughts and opinions on various topics related to genders when it comes to jobs, romance, interests and so forth. We also interview people from all walks of life; comedians, artists, musicians, business owners, civil service employees, public service employees...etc. This is a fun filled variety show that goes live every Thursday at 8PM eastern time on YouTube. For full episodes, search Gender Blender on YouTube and subscribe. Your hosts are Kryp ...
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The cast has a special sit-down interview with recording artist and former host of the Gender Blender Podcast Inez L. We catch up with Inez and talk about her music career and her new single she's promoting "Why You Looking At Me?"โดย GENDER BLENDER
On this episode the cast talks about the murder of Shanquella Robinson in Mexico, the suicide of "Green Ranger" Jason David Frank, Trump gets his twitter back; and we ask, should your ex have access to your streaming services?โดย GENDER BLENDER
On this first episode of the brand-new season, the gender blender team welcomes their newest host, comedian Chris Grant to the show. We kick off this season with an interview with the one and only Radel Ortiz. We catch up with Radel and talk about what he's done since we last spoke with him in season 1.…
The crew is back from hiatus and have a lot to talk about; primarily about the toxic relationships we've been hearing over the past few months. Celebrity couples like, Kim and Kanye, Johnny Depp & Amber heard, and of course, Will and Jada. We debut Gender Blender Street Blend on our show.โดย GENDER BLENDER
Duo musical @Jarxiel y @Lynnaroes nos dan una visita al estudio para hablar sobre su exitosa canción "Talking to the moon (Spanish remix)." Llegamos a conocer como decidieron hacer la música su carrera e incluso nos hablan de su estilo musical que se compone de una fusión de varios generos.โดย GENDER BLENDER
On this episode we talk about the 110 year sentence for a truck driver who killed 4 people; a man murders is girlfriend, ex, and kills himself over child custody; a waitress is fired for not sharing a large tip; and twins want to get pregnant by the same man. We also have an interview with our special guest, entrepreneur @madame_bullet2…
On this episode the cast talks about a woman breastfeeding a cat on a Delta flight, growing up Latino and they have their battle of the sexes game as they play "You laugh you drink." The crew welcomes drink mixologist Ari from @arisaysdrinkslow and she talks about her brand and 18 different drink mixes.…
On this episode the cast talks about Will and Jada oversharing their private affairs, friends who flake on plans, a woman sues her mother's Doctor for being born and we also discuss NYC creating safe havens for addicts to use drugs. The cast welcomes @Manny_Infused_Chef to the studio for an interview and to discuss the various cannabis products he …
On this episode the cast welcomes new co-host Elly to the show. The cast plays a hilarious game of "Incohearent" in a Men VS. Women challenge. Plus; how long should sex last on average? Does size really matter to our female hosts?โดย GENDER BLENDER
The crew talks about toxic relationships more specifically the situation between DaBaby and Danileigh. Manny talks about bro code. Kryptic gives some tips on negotiating qualities in a person you could potentially be with that aren't as important to you as you may think.โดย GENDER BLENDER
On this episode, the cast talks about so called "Promotion" of homosexuality to our kids in our everyday lives, from cartoons, toys, and music. Is it too much? Is there an agenda? Listen in and see what the cast has to say. In addition. The Gender Blender Podcast bids farewell to long time host Splou. Find out why.…
On this episode we have Jorge Espinal from Birria Boys NYC bring us some delicious Birria tacos. We also welcome Beauty Queens Nicole Martinez and Delika Canela to our show to talk about life in modeling and pageants.โดย GENDER BLENDER
On this episode the men take over and talk about stupid laws around the country and the world. They also discuss the yearly debate on single mothers claiming father's day for their own.โดย GENDER BLENDER
On this episode we interview our co-host Manny AKA M. Sosa as he relaunches his music career in the bachata genre. He talks to us about the ups and downs in the business, his inspiration, and his biggest regret when being approached by one of the top R&B groups of the 90s.โดย GENDER BLENDER
On this episode: Woman learns her husband is cheating after seeing his baby's birth Announcement in a newspaper. Man refuses to be a Godparent after a set of rules he needed to abide by. What should be expected of a Godparent? Are Godparents necessary? A father misses child's kindergarten graduation because the mother of the child did not tell him.…
In this episode the cast talks about getting censored on YouTube; Would you let a teacher spank your kid in front of you?; Are you responsible for your spouse's debt before you knew each other? This and much more on this episode.โดย GENDER BLENDER
In the wake of Derrick Jaxn, we come across another social media influencer who turned out not to be who he is when it comes to the public eye. We talk about if these kind of social media influencers/scammers who are out to decieve their followers intentionally hurt the ones that doing are genuinely doing good deeds. Do the majority of social media…
In this episode highlight, Kryptic, Inez, Tommy, Alex, and Jasmine tackle the recent cheating confession by social relationship "guru" Derrick Jaxn. We ask if people practice what they preach and if his message loses value now due to his hypocrisy. Can he salvage his brand?โดย GENDER BLENDER
The team is excited to welcome back @jasminebuble this week as a guest host. We had such a great interview and vibed so well that she agreed to fill in for @thekarinarua for the next few weeks. We have a great show for you tonight. We talk @krypticnyc getting the Covid vaccine and what led him to change his mind. We talk about Andrew Cuomo and the …
In this episode we talk about what constitutes baggage in relationship. Kay Mossa answers a viewer's question about her friend's boyfriend making a move on her. Splou talks about masturbation.โดย GENDER BLENDER
On this episode Kryptic talks about his 18 year battle with Crohn's disease. We talk about the origins on Valentine's Day, Inez Sayz a few things and why is Manny Mad? We also welcome our new producer and Director Alex to the show!โดย GENDER BLENDER
On this episode Kay Mossa (Karina) does her "Kay Mossa Gives It To You Straight Segment." Kryptic reads a message from a listener asking Kay Mossa for advice because her boyfriend likes others women's pictures and not hers. Should couples be forced to like each other's pictures? This conversation got really heated between the cast. Tune in and find…
Instagram comedy duo and real life couple Aleidy and Ed join us to discuss what it's like to work together as one of the top social media couples today. They give us an in depth look into their family life, how they met, and how they tackle spending 24 hours together professionally and personally.โดย GENDER BLENDER
Gender Blender welcomes Inez L. to the podcast family. A mother beats her child in the backseat of her car and posts it on social media because she found pictures and videos of her posing in provocative angles. Was she justified in beating this child?โดย GENDER BLENDER
Instagram comedic content creator Kenstarrrz joins us to discuss life in the social media limelight and the pros and cons that come with the territory. He also explains why Instagram kept banning his account. Learn more about Kenstarrrz in this awesome interview!โดย GENDER BLENDER
Instagram Sensation @For_Dha_Money joins us for an interview on how he got his start in comedy and music. With his catch phrase "It Don't Fucking Match" as it relates to food combinations, we play a game with him and ask him to help us decipher if some food combinations match or not.โดย GENDER BLENDER
In this episode we are joined by House Of Glory Wrestling (H.O.G) female professional wrestler "Storm." She gives us a little insight on what it takes to be a professional wrestler and how being a woman in a predominantly male sport has changed over the years.โดย GENDER BLENDER
Dominican Latin trap rapper raised in New York City Tali Goya joins us at the table and talks to us on how he became a pioneer in the Latin Trap genre. He explains how was influenced by artist such as Jay-Z, Eminem and 50 Cent and how he has collaborated with many huge names in the music business.โดย GENDER BLENDER
The crew talks about men being victim of domestic violence and being too ashamed to report it. Most notably we talk about Johnny Depp and Amber heard and how she crippled Johnny Depp's career by claiming he physically beat her only later to admit she was the one causing physical harm.โดย GENDER BLENDER
Funny man and social media sensation Radel Ortiz sits with us and gives us an in depth look at the man behind the comedy. He talks to us about his upbringing in Brooklyn, his 1st viral video, how he got his mother involved in comedy, and how he got to mingle and become friends with artists like Cardi B and Bad Bunny.…
NYC comedic icon Tommy Pena "TFIVEK" joins us at the table to discuss his long career in the world of stand up comedy. He talks to us how he bridged the generational gap and transitioned into the world of social media and took the market by storm. Tommy has paved the way for many successful stand up comedians by hosting open mic nights in NYC and a…
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