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Do you want to improve your listening skills in English? Today, I’m going to explain why listening in another language is so difficult, why this skill is very important, and how you can actually improve your listening skills.โดย Caren Hayden
In honor of the creepiest month of the year, today’s episode is dedicated to the master of horror himself, Stephen King. I’ll tell you all about this critically acclaimed author and share some of my favorite Stephen King books and movies. He is one of America’s favorite writers, and I’m going to tell you why! Stay tuned!…
Today’s episode is all about the spookiest American holiday - Halloween! I will tell you about the historical origins of this beloved holiday, how we celebrate Halloween in America, and why it’s my favorite holiday.โดย Caren Hayden
Do you want to sound more like a native English speaker? Then you must master the most common vowel sound in American English – the schwa! Today, I will tell you what the schwa sounds like and when you should use it.โดย Caren Hayden
What happens when American children lose their baby teeth? Well, most kids believe that the Tooth Fairy visits them in the middle of the night. Learn all about this custom and how it may be different from other teeth-centered traditions around the world.โดย Caren Hayden
This episode is all about one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, the first President of the U.S., George Washington. You will hear about his childhood, how he got into politics, and his significant accomplishments.โดย Caren Hayden
Today, I’ll be talking about an American cult classic film from the 1980s, Pretty in Pink. Stay tuned to find out why this movie was so popular back then, and what ESL students can still learn from it today!โดย Caren Hayden
Today, I’m going to discuss how Americans view the concept of time. I will explore this concept by examining some very common values and beliefs. Two frequently used idioms about time will also be discussed.โดย Caren Hayden
Do you want to sound more like an American when you speak English? Then today’s episode is for you! I will discuss contractions and why they are essential when speaking English.โดย Caren Hayden
Whether you are living in an English-speaking country or not, you should be studying English on your own as well. Even if you are in an ESL class or are immersed in English as a worker in the U.S., self-study is essential to improving your language skills. You have already started on the right path by listening to this podcast. Here are 9 other way…
This week’s episode is all about small talk! What is it? Why is it important? When do Americans engage in small talk? Which topics are common, and which topics are off-limits? And, how can you get better at small talk?โดย Caren Hayden
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