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Our goal is to encourage all people to take responsibility for their own healthcare, empower them to assist others and create a community of people worldwide dedicated to service, self awareness, and recognizing the equality of all humanity—thus forming a chain which shall go on indefinitely. Research shows that Bio-Touch is simple to learn with quick results to reduce pain and stress and to build immune system responses. It is time to reclaim your birthright to be healthy, happy and loved.
Breathe, Love, Heal podcast reveals the secret to healing yourself with energy medicine. My podcast opens your world to new way of thinking about healing which you can do for yourself and your loved ones. No formal training required. Energy healing is the wave of the future. Get a head start on it with Carolyn Harrington's Breathe Love Heal Podcast.
Nan Dale Ross, Reiki Master and NLP Practioner, shares her knowledge and personal experiences using energy healing techniques. Her episodes will teach other how to pull layers and resolve negative emotions from past experiences, reprogramming the subconscious mind for changing realities, and healing the heart to attract loving relationships.
New Spirit & Energy Healing Radio with Darius Barazandeh

New Spirit & Energy Healing Radio with Darius Barazandeh

Darius Barazandeh and top spiritual healers, teachers and energy experts help you to heal, transform and awaken matters affecting your life, health and spirit. Every episode contain POWERFUL energy healing work - so catch them all.

Darius Barazandeh and top spiritual and energy healers, teachers and experts help you to heal, transform and awaken matters affecting your BEST life, health and spirit. Every episode contains POWERFUL energy healing work - so catch them all. Be sure to visit to get your Free 3-Step Energy Awakening Kit to continue your journey to your best self and life!
More Spiritual-Awakening Programs @ ----------- I Feel We Need to Talk about Healing. After 10 years, a life changing five year vision quest, a death experience and experiencing beyond the boundary of the physical laws of this universe. I am back joining with you live with free energy healings and reading. Including education on the secrets and laws of the spiritual universe. NOW WITH HIGH SOUND QUALITY! If you would like free work done, or join us live for a reading; EM ...
Is all about your light, your energy, your healing! Depression & Anxiety are a side effect of not living your life intuitively, not trusting your gut, the lost connections with self and others! Christine has healed through meditation/intuition development/healthy eating/emotional trauma/inner child work/shadow integration (EGO) Christine guides empaths to unleash their gifts as lightworkers that are masked as depression &anxiety. You will discover that you are magical and that you have gifts ...
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Bev & Paul prepare for the Health Condition Workshop on Insomnia by talking with their guest speaker Martha Lewis. Come meet her and listen to why she decided to do work with Sleep issues.
Because the experience of energy is beyond words, I loved the challenge to describe energy through vignettes and subtle metaphors created from real life case stories. Instead of having the answer in my hand now, the book simply invites the direct question: What Is Energy Healing? In this episode, this question is asked and the answers reveal themse…
Cathedrals, Frogs, Claude Monet and Defying Gravity....When I authored The Power of Energy Medicine, my hope was to create stories and imagery through writing to better show the world the incredible essence of energy work. Because the experience is beyond words, I loved the challenge of describing energy through vignettes and subtle metaphors all c…
Bev & Paul talk with Fatos Gorce from Istanbul, Turkey about how she found Bio-Touch and how she is using it in her home Country. She is part of the Kimimila Healing Center in Turkey.
Bev & Paul about how Bio-Touch is a revolution of Love. It is about putting Love into action! They touch on the incredible opportunities that adding love to our healthcare protocols can actually make huge changes in our life.
Bev & Paul about the possibilities that using Bio-Touch in your daily life can actually help care for ourselves, greater humanity and nature as a whole.
Bev & Paul speak about the Birthright of Bio-Touch Healing. Everyone can use it to reclaim the birthright to be healthy, happy and loved. You don't need to go anywhere to get it.....all you need is JustTouch!
Michaela Haupt our Certified Practitioner in Germany joins us today. Come listen to what she is doing with Bio-Touch in this part of the planet.
Bev & Paul introduce the speaker for Workshop on Diabetes, Lindsey Parsons. They also talk about the importance of the mandate to TEACH Bio-Touch Healing to humanity.
Bev & Paul speak about that in Bio-Touch we address the body but how the emotions seemed to be so connected to that body. Bio-Touch Healing appears to release the strong emotions held in the body.
Bev & Paul once again talk about how all healing modalities relate to one another. What really matters is that we practice something for our health and wellbeing.
Bev & Paul get us ready for the holiday season with the importance of brining just a little touch into each day. Bio-Touch has been proven to reduce stress!
There is a problem when practicing is when we let the mind get in the way and question the simplicity of the technique. Bev & Paul discuss how to bypass this problem so that you and your family can practice Bio-Touch NOW!
There is peace within us. When we pay attention to all the happenings that occur in life, we can observe without expectations, good things unfolding. Serendipity means when fortunate things happen that are not planned. Inside of the word Serendipity is the word “serene” — in this episode, the story of a Rottweiler dog, plus another story of a donke…
Serendipity means when fortunate things happen that are not planned. Inside of the word Serendipity is the word “serene” — in this episode, the story of a Rottweiler dog, plus another story of a donkey, delves the topic deeper into the understanding of how this beautiful experience of life is weaving together day by day.…
Since the practice of Bio-Touch is "amoral" everyone can practice it without regard to belief or station in life. Bev & Paul discuss this concept as they focus on the idea: "Be ye as little children..."
All relationships can find benefit by practicing Bio-Touch Healing. Bev & Paul share why partners, children and even neighbors can come together in the simple "Love" aspect of Bio-Touch and bring healing to our communities.
Bev & Paul discuss the placebo effect as being researched at Harvard University. Then they compare it with the data from Bio-Touch Healing research.
Sometimes head-tilting moments result from powerful energy healing events that happen in sessions. In this case, setting ourselves free from worry happens when we walk the road to the land of serenity. A farmer teaches his community we can be both calm and free no matter what is happening in our daily life? This episode shares the story of a remark…
This episode shares the story of a remarkable coincidence: an ancient teaching story being shared back-to-back by two clients unknowingly. Impossible to ignore the message when synchronicities line up and the lessons are so very beautiful.โดย Hilary Crowley
The 100th Monkey means a critical number of participants have shared an idea which is picked up by communities around the world. The time has come for Bio-Touch to be in every household!
The body is our base. Bev & Paul talk about why Bio-Touch addresses the body while leaving everyone to work on their own inner awareness.
Mondays with Bev & Paul celebrates 5 years online. This is a very significant celebration since it will be the first time in over two years that they both will be in the same room. Just like when they began these shows.
Kai Cox is a Certified Instructor in Bio-Touch who just had a child. Listen to her story on how she used Bio-Touch Healing throughout her pregnancy and into infant time too.
Bev & Paul talk about what kind of space you need to practice Bio-Touch, both physically and emotionally. The wonder of Bio-Touch is that you can "do it" anywhere, anytime in any state of mind.
Energy Medicine or Energy Healing are talked about a lot in healing circles. Bev & Paul talk about why the Foundation very seldom uses that term when referring to Bio-Touch Healing.
Taking responsibility is a key part of our life, especially for our healthcare. In todays world we have come to be dependent on everything external to "tell us what to do'" Bev & Paul talk about how Bio-Touch can help us reclaim that inner ability to take responsibility for our healthcare, and pass that on to others.…
Happiness is our birthright. Join Bev & Paul as they investigate why Bio-Touch Healing can open the door to the awareness of that birthright.
What does Certification in Bio-Touch mean? Join Paul with Eileen Webster, Bio-Touch Instructor, owner of Bio-Touch Dove Mountain, and Clinical Cannabis Pharmacist as they share all the options for an individual to learn Bio-Touch to enhance one's business and personal brand.
Learn how to address Eating Disorders with Bio-Touch Healing. Amy Glogg is our special guest who has worked with her eating situations for years. She is so inspiring!
Elders are a vital part of our society. Bev & Paul talk about how Bio-Touch Healing not only can help our Elders live a healthy life, but can also help them share healing for the whole family.
Bev & Paul share how anyone can locate other points to apply Bio-Touch for specific conditions not mentioned in the manual. They show you how to do this.
Bev & Paul discuss the idea of Hope. Is that about some desire for the future or a profound opportunity to live in the present moment knowing that everything is going to be okay? Bio-Touch Healing is a catalyst for this Hope.
Bev & Paul share why the practice of Bio-Touch is such a breath of fresh air in today's world. They also go over COPD, Emphysema and other lung issues workshop.
"Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being not merely the absence of disease or infirmity" World Health Organization. Bev & Paul delve further into this idea as they explore how Bio-Touch can bring us to an awareness of the interconnectedness of all life and thus bring us to health.…
Mumkum is an online magazine in Turkey. The publishers sent Bev & Paul some questions that they thought they would answer on the show. Do you have any questions?
What does it mean to prove? What is proof? What is truth? Bev & Paul go over a video that was sent to them from Sacred Science. The bottom line is healthcare is moving toward self-awareness and taking responsibility for our own healthcare. Check out the video from Sacred Science…
Endometriosis is the health condition we are going to address this evening. Paula Taylor will give us an in depth presentation based on her research and personal experiences with this situation. Then you will learn the Bio-Touch sets of points that can address the symptoms of Endometriosis.
How did Bio-Touch Healing come to be considered a revolutionary healing technique. Paul & Bev talk about when this idea was first shared in 1989 and how it is forever true even today. Join in the revolution of taking responsibility for your own healthcare.
Surrendering to the constant competition of today’s life, maybe it’s time to think differently about doing our best another way. Maybe our best is to stop chasing, sizing, grading, and measuring ourselves against our neighbors. Explore the possibility of reaching out a hand to help instead of pushing your opponents down. Here we explore how connect…
Paul & Bev talk about belief. How it can get in the way and how it can help move us to new heights in our life. Is Bio-Touch healing about belief or is it just magical?
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