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Ed. Space

Ed. Space

Oliver Belas

A podcast (with philosophical leanings) about education research, hosted by Neil Hopkins (University of Bedfordshire), Lewis Stockwell (University of Hertfordshire), and Oli Belas (University of Bedfordshire).
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Dr. Steve Connolly (Senior Lecturer in Teacher Education, University of Bedfordshire) and Robert Eaglestone (Professor of Contemporary Literature and Thought, Royal Holloway, University of London) discuss constructions of disciplinary knowledge and subject identities, powerful knowledge, and cultural literacy. Steve has recently published an articl…
In this episode, Neil, Lewis, and I are speaking with Emile Bojesen, about his new book Forms of Education, published this year by Routledge. The book critique what Emile calls the humanist legacy in education, and goes on to explore what educational experiences might be, and mean, outside or beyond the humanist frame. Emile is Reader in Education …
In this episode - recorded 16 April 2020 - Neil Hopkins discusses his recent article on Henry Morris and his Cambridgeshire village college system, and the implications of both for current thinking about the possibilities and problems of democratic education. Neil Hopkins is Senior Lecturer in Education Studies at the University of Bedfordshire; de…
Welcome to the third-recorded but second-released episode of Ed. Space. In this episode – recorded 27 April 2020 – Neil, Lewis, and Oli speak with Mary Richardson, Associate Professor of Educational Assessment at UCL’s Institute of Education. Our conversation focussed primarily on educational assessment and the national examinations system, and the…
In this episode - recorded 30 March 2020 - Neil Hopkins and Oli Belas speak with Lewis Stockwell about his collaborative project on Aristotle, friendship, and student-staff partership in HE. The conversation is based on Lewis's paper, co-written with Dr. Karen Smith and Prof. Philip Woods, "That Which is Worthy of Love: A Philosophical Framework fo…
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