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In this Hope4Med episode, we have a conversation with Deborah Rosasco, who shares her journey from firefighter EMT to discovering a passion for coaching to help others improve their lives. We discuss what it means to allow yourself to be vulnerable, acknowledge your needs and then create closeness in the important relationships in your life.…
On this week's Hope4Med podcast episode, we feature Dr. Kemia Sarraf (Dr. K), an internal medicine physician, trauma mitigation coach, and mother. Dr. K shares the life-changing story that affected her family and what she learned from it. We discuss recognizing trauma, the illusion of control, and how we can truly bloom once we get comfortable with…
In this episode of the Hope4Med podcast, we have an in-depth conversation with PA Daryle Blackstock who shares his story of overcoming imposter syndrome throughout his journey as a healthcare professional.โดย Dr. JB
This week, Hope4Med features family medicine physician Dr. Dolapo Babalola (Dr. Babs). In this episode, we explore the journey of a physician and a mother and how she combated stress and achieved optimal health.โดย Dr. JB
J.B. and Dr. Jim discuss effective communication with a loved one with mental illness (or without). Note: This show is part of the RadioBoise's "Radiothon" where we're trying to raise money to keep our community radio station running. Please excuse the begging!โดย drjimshow
In this week's episode, we have an in-depth conversation with pharmacist Dr. Jessica Louie and discuss the value of finding your why. Dr. Louie shares with us her personal story of burnout and her journey that led her to create the Burnout Doctor Method.โดย Dr. JB
On this week's Hope4Med Podcast we had an eye-opening conversation with Respiratory Therapist Jim Damron. Not only did we discuss his journey into medicine and beyond but also his mind baffling experiences being part of an interdisciplinary medical team.โดย Dr. JB
J.B. and Dr. Jim talk about some of the future of psychiatry and the use of psychedelics like psilocybin and LSD to help severe mental illness. Note: This show is part of the RadioBoise's "Radiothon" where we're trying to raise money to keep our community radio station running.โดย drjimshow
In this podcast, Dr. JB discusses how building more resilience and resiliency training is not the solution to combating the burnout pandemic occurring in healthcare. The solution to burnout is providing fuel to healthcare workers' empty gas gauge.โดย Dr. JB
J.B. and Dr. Jim learn more about Family Therapy--a great med-free way to improve communication, solve family problems, understand special family situations, and create a better functioning home environment.โดย drjimshow
In this episode, Dr. JB discusses Compassion Fatigue with featured guest Barbara Rubel. We explore the definition of compassion fatigue, how to identify it, and how to combat it using a FABULOUS framework. Enjoy!โดย Dr. JB
In this episode, Dr. JB has an in-depth conversation with Mr. David Dibble on how the Law of Dissipative Structures, when applied to the healthcare system, clearly demonstrates the immense amount of stress within the system and the fast-approaching flight into chaos the system will experience if the stress is not alleviated.…
It's vital to separate home life from work life. Setting boundaries is one way to accomplish this. This week the Hope4Med Podcast hosted a discussion with Dr. Jonathan Randle a Physical Therapist about his journey into learning the importance of setting professional boundaries.โดย Dr. JB
Discussion with RN Karrie Brazaski, Founder and Executive Director of Helping Healthcare Heros, about her personal story of burnout. A journey from bedside nursing to nursing administration and beyond.โดย Dr. JB
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