Diana Evans สาธารณะ
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I thought I could get through this life and never feel love, because it hurt too much. Through difficult situations, I learned of God's love for me and spent years coming out of a pit of disappointments that opened up childhood wounds. God love's me too much to leave me with youthful pain and disappointments. He led me to His love which led to His promises and fulfillment.
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Have you dealt with divorced parents and felt lost in the shuffle? I have. Confusion, abandonment, loss and fear defined me. It was my identity. I had to figure out how to overcome this then navigate through it. It was harder than expected and disappointing to say the least. However, as I keep walking out this healing journey of mine, I see greater…
The Lord is so good, He gave us this beautiful world we live in. He put inside of us interests, hobbies, the ability to love one another and do things that make us feel good. But, at the end of the day it's not enough. Take a listen.
Clearing out the clutter isn't always fun. It's hard and messy at times. We have to seek God in our relationships, situations, disappointments and triumphs. I prefer to go a hundred miles per hour, but I have learned I will miss stones that I don't want to miss. If I miss a stone, I'll have to return to it at some point to face it.…
There's no doubt PTSD just sucks. It does. It's distracting to "normal" life, destroys the goodness and takes more energy to manage. With so many resources available, we can put together a plan that will allow us to walk out our path and heal along the journey.
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