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Anna was able to sit down with Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research) Prof. Mary Spongberg and ask all about the factors driving academic research and the ways in which Southern Cross University are meeting these challenges.โดย SCU Library
We're back! Destination Research: tools for the journey is back in 2019 with it's very first episode. Anna DuChesne interviews media artist and Associate Professor Grayson Cooke about his practice and what inspires him.โดย SCU Library
Anna sits down with Prof. David Lynch as he spills the beans on how researchers can create impact through sharing their work on online research networks.โดย SCU Library
This episode provides an insight into Open Access, what it is and how it might help you when looking to publish your research.โดย SCU Library
Part 2 continues our conversation with Prof. Jerry Vanclay covering all you wanted to know about bibliometrics but were afraid to ask!โดย SCU Library
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