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(Originally posted May 3, 2011) I saw Beck at the doctor’s office and Tara Ried at the meat counter. Apparently neither of them were invited to the big wedding across the pond. Man, I haven’t seen this many people get this excited about breeding show dogs since, well, 1981. Frankly, I thought the whole monarchy thing had run it’s course, until I sa…
(Originally released April 21, 2011) Hudson and his friends took part in the LA County Science and Engineering Fair, and I chaperoned. No, not my first choice of chaperone, but there you are.โดย Dan Klass
(Originally released on April 13, 2011) We were supposed to go to Hawaii again this year. But, things can change. Try explaining to your 8-year-old daughter that she won’t be spending her birthday in Maui after all. Gulp. Luckily, we spent our spring break skateboarding, flying helicopters and watching Psych. Now, that’s spring break……
I went to a football game. Well, two. I think. Jimmy drove us. I “talked” sports and drank a third of a beer. The song at the end of the episode is Autumn Leaves by Jimmy the Limo Driver, aka Big Time Small.โดย Dan Klass
I talk about my need for a new coding system, so I know when a woman is interested in me and when she is just being polite. “What’s Your ’17?'” “Butterscotch?” “Lima bean?” My daughter’s school did a production of “Chicago.” Should high school students really be doing Fosse? The Northbound Season 3 Kickstarter Campaign…
This is sort of a reprise of Hudson's first appearance on the podcast way back in 2004. In this episode, like back then, we talk Christmas music, except now his voice is much deeper (and apparently so is mine).โดย Dan Klass
I went to Upper Michigan to do some acting I've been looking forward to for years. Don't worry, I'm still an idiot. An idiot who apparently isn't sure he can function outside the sprawl of endlessly repeating chain stores and Starbucks that is Los Angeles...โดย Dan Klass
Je kent meer klassieke muziek dan je denkt. In die ene pizzareclame, in je favoriete Netflix-serie of in de lift: klassieke muziek is overal. In deze aflevering hoor je alle grote hits, commercieel uitgebuit of stukgedraaid op begrafenissen. Of in bed.โดย AVROTROS
De koperboer, het vioolmeisje en de dirigent: elk instrument heeft een imago (en misschien wat vooroordelen) en elk instrument heeft sterspelers. In deze aflevering komen ze allemaal langs: van Callas tot Lang Lang.โดย AVROTROS
Van eenstemmig gezang tot opzwepende filmmuziek. Er is afgelopen vijfhonderd jaar bizar veel gebeurd in de klassieke muziek. In deze aflevering komen alle periodes met namen, rugnummers en ezelsbruggetjes voorbij.โดย AVROTROS
Do you think I should worry that my kids go to school in an official tsunami danger zone? My house is in no danger, but the wave would take out my kids' school, a large marina, and The Home Depot.โดย Dan Klass
I start the tale of Podcast Movement, giving my acceptance speech for my induction into the Podcast Academy Podcaster Hall of Fame, and how I am in desperate need of validation. Yes, being inducted into a hall of fame isn't enough...โดย Dan Klass
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