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Kids are dying and it needs to stop, that's the simple message addiction counselors Bob Forrest, Chuk Davis and sober musician Mike Martt are trying to get out. Listen as they laugh, talk honestly and inform you about drug addiction, the recovery industry, life, music, being dads and the ups and downs of living life clean and sober.
The Dad Rules Podcast

The Dad Rules Podcast

Mario E. & Kidd

The Dad Rules Podcast is designed to be a safe place for fathers to come and listen to other fathers about parenting. Each episode is geared toward an adage and we discuss how it applies to raising our children. Our goal is to inspire dads (and future dads) and help them become the best they can be.
Casual Dads

Casual Dads

Creative Genius FM

Casual Dads is a podcast about “dad-ing” in the modern world. Hosts Phil & Adam discuss dad shoes, car seats, and of course… the bodily functions of their kids. Tune in every other week for a casual conversation about the in ‘n outs of being a dad.
Right now there’s about 5,000,000 books, blogs, and podcasts dedicated to motherhood and that’s correct because being a mother is the hardest job in the world. But being a dad is also hard sometimes and finally there is a place for dads to share their opinions on parenting. That's the YOUR 2 DADS podcast - hosted by Sean O'Connor and Julian McCullough. From Comedy Central’s podcast network.
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Jason thinks Randy kinda looks like a dandy, while Randy says everyone hates their own name. More chatter about badges, birth names and failing grades. Does marijuana smell that bad, that far away? Indoor soccer emails cause some drama and there is an ER visit, but it’s not the kids, whew!โดย Jason Fitzgerald
This week……… podcasting Guild of Dad’s, podcasts guests, The Queen, school plays, football chants, Men are from Mars & Women are from Venus, building a shed, creating fire, kids fending for themselves,โดย dadswhatimtalkingabout
This week… collaboration with Guild of Dad’s Podcast, kids fashion, protesters, Daniel Craig, age to get a tattoos, dealing with bullying, kids underwhelmed by site seeing, transformers, Jimmy Saville Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!): License code: ZK01GOJVRDYQY4OY…
Randy makes soccer weird with the pass back, while Jason is doing some housekeeping and tweeting. The boy vents and communication channels are reestablished. The kids are trending upward, will it stick? Well except for premature labels and nameplates, which fell off too early.โดย Jason Fitzgerald
Randy is distracted by old starving cats, while the kids would rather be chilling on the swing set. Always more soccer updates. Jason has a proud moment with the parents yelling his kid’s name. The Rubik’s Cube is winning over school work and Valtenlines Day is hard to say.โดย Jason Fitzgerald
Chuk gets Covid, Elvis gets a iPhone, there’s no such thing as Fountain Valley, Ohana fest is the greatest festival going on today, Thelonious Monster, Pluralone at Ohana, Beck, the societal model set by Ohana fest.โดย Bob Forrest
Jason’s signing because he has nothing … but Randy is encouraging him to make a plan. Would private school work as a carrot? M&Ms are underrated and chaos is prevalent on the Soccer field with the coaches. Jason needs some indication that he has a handle on things, because the lack of clear communication is not inspiriing.…
Bob and Mike talk with Josh Klinghoffer of Pluralone, Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam about musical influences, the up and coming Ohana fest show, sneaking backstage at a Pearl Jam concert when he was 14 and many other stories.โดย Bob Forrest
Randy and Jason have a cadence problem with too many pain points. A rocketship to dinner with $30,000 tickets might be the answer. When does #TaxTheRich loose to a fundraising bike ride? Randy acts the hoodlum and Jason is unimpressed. Survivorship bias is real, but unintuitive. Can we get 10 guests for a virtual meetup? Write in at dads@dadsbeingd…
This week…….butt Plugs, online sex for money, the millennium dome, being injured by your children, redesigning the scrotum, your first pair of Nike shoes, 90’s camcorders, dating apps, making your kids laugh, hiding behind the sofa,โดย dadswhatimtalkingabout
It’s considered wise to think through things before you actually do them. Mario E. and Kidd discuss the importance of weighing consequences and counting the costs before make a decision. #dadrules #dadwisdom #dadbetter #decision #think #consequences #leapโดย Mario E. & Kidd
Kid are back to school and Jason is freaking out and has to sit the kids down and explain. There’s a mountain of school supplies in Randy’s kitchen and the folders are very complicated. Shenanigans with homework and soccer teams abound. While Jason’s listening to books about CRT and Intersectionality Randy’s angling for an outdoor shower.…
Casual drug use vs online dealers and jail time, decriminalizing drugs, Bob was a bad weed dealer, Disneyland adventure, Pearl Jam, Plural One, The Grateful Dead and Don’t Die at Ohana fest is coming up!โดย Bob Forrest
Randy’s kids write home, but it’s forced and actually they don’t even write. The kids just done care. There’s a reunion on an island and the parentage is so awkward. Jason wants and ADU and if you look, there are paths everywhere. Fat Johnny can’t hike far though, but at least there are specific limits to his swimming.…
Do people really change? What inspires the change? Can you really change other people? Mario E. and Kidd discuss the topic on this week’s episode. #dadbetter #dadrules #dadwisdom #change #inspirationโดย Mario E. & Kidd
On this episode, Mario E. and Kidd discuss beauty again. This time, the focus is on the what some people find appealing, others might not. Beauty is subjective. In relationships, fathers should instruct their kids to be with someone that will treat them right. #dadrules #dadwisdom #dadbetter #beautyโดย Mario E. & Kidd
Bob gets retested, Bobs special fast, Mexico, FDR, Dylan, Charlie Watts, Tom Petty, addicts avoid sober friends like the plague, bragging about time, living in MacArthur Park, the bridge back to the real world and living in it.โดย Bob Forrest
Jason tried to bore the show to death with minutia about lawn mowing. But Randy saves it with detailed and cringy comments about summer camp pictures. Are camp communications a sound business idea, or just another way to move money between the rich. Soccer already … not until there’s time with cousins!…
Mario E. and Kidd talk about how oftentimes we think another person’s life or situation is better than our own. Sometimes all it takes is nurturing our relationships to make them better.โดย Mario E. & Kidd
Bob, Chuk and Mike talk overdoses, people dying, Thelonious Monster Mike stories, 30% increase in drug deaths, people are angry and who’s fault is it, education is suffering, a desert rehab story of breaking the law and getting someone to rehab, do feelings matter?, kids, lock downs and upcoming Ohana Festival…
Jason is every grateful, and Randy is too, we think. Jason breaks down the California itinerary while Randy cannot even feign interest. Except for the wax anatomy, now Randy has questions. Randy gets lost in the north without even a shirt or a glass of water and things get dicey.โดย Jason Fitzgerald
Randy is unsatisfied with camp, it doesn’t encapsulate everything but counselor in training is a nice gig. Jason forgets everything about math. The bike parks are insanely fun and dangerous! Popsicle art should last forever. Friends check in with friends.โดย Jason Fitzgerald
Daily Show correspondent Roy Wood Jr. gives listeners an inside look at The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Hear how correspondents, writers, and producers of the Emmy-winning series use comedy to tackle a variety of complex topics and discuss where these issues stand today. On this episode, Roy is joined by Daily Show writers X Mayo and Ashton Womack…
On this episode, we discuss teaching our children about weighing alternatives and the importance of being well-rounded with our skills and experiences. #dadrules #dadbetter #dadwisdom #experiences #lifeexperience #diversityโดย Mario E. & Kidd
Randy is home alone but burdened with eggshells, even though he recommends you wear the slimy armor. Jason’s summer activities are less math, more fun. And as far as youtube goes, buy the sand, favor The Simpsons, forget the Socialists. Someone’s hanging out under a bridge, and someone else doesn’t want to be the intermediary!…
Bob, Chuk, Mike and guest Wiley Dailey, part two with Wiley because we had so many rock star stories, Lou Reed/Laurie Anderson, Julio Iglesias, Jerry Lee Lewis, Priscilla Presley, Bob Dylan uses the Elvis Presley death toilet, Marlon Brando, Orson Welles, treating addicts like babies and recoveryโดย Bob Forrest
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