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Cornerstone Church, in the heart of Mandeville, Louisiana, preaches an unapologetically Jesus-centered message. Filled with life-giving words, Pastor Doug will encourage you to live a fulfilling life with Jesus. You can find more information about Cornerstone Church at Visit us at 23051 Hwy 1088, Mandeville, Louisiana 70448
Cornerstone Church Kingston

Cornerstone Church Kingston

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We are Cornerstone Church Kingston. A family friendly church in the heart of Kingston. We exist to love God and show his love to others. We’re a group of people who have come to believe the truth about Jesus. Visit our website: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: See us on Instagram:
Cornerstone started in 1995 in Chandler, Arizona. It quickly became home to many who had given up on church but not on God. Today, Cornerstone appeals to those who grew up in church as well as those who didn't. Our dynamic, authentic, and creative services have led thousands to a better understanding of who Jesus is over the last decade. People of all ages continue to find new hope, second chances, and powerful relationships at Cornerstone.
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This weekend, I’d like to take the opportunity to honour a few men who have made a significant impact in my life. I’m sharing this with you in order that you may understand our heritage and inheritance because this is not just about me, it’s about us. The people God has connected me with is for your sake. One of the greatest privileges in my life i…
We are continuing a set of annual sermons we refer to as our new year essentials. These sermons address subjects to which we must repeatedly return for the glory of God and the transformation of lives. These are different sermons, taking different angles, on issues we need to come back to again-and-again. Today, we consider the question, “Is Christ…
Why can we trust in God’s salvation? The post January 16, 2022: Hebrews 6:13-20 “An Anchor for the Soul” appeared first on Cornerstone Church.โดย Sermon Audio – Cornerstone Church
Bill Kittrell continues our sermon series "Philippians: Joyful Community" through the book of Philippians with this week's message titled "Watch Me", from Philippians 2:19-30.โดย Cornerstone Church of Knoxville
This is a service from Cornerstone Church in Bethalto, IL. For more information, please visit us on the web at or search for us on Facebook. The post Who Owns The Vinyard – Clash of Kingdoms first appeared on Cornerstone Church.โดย Cornerstone Church
In this message, Pastor Doug talks about the shield of faith and its importance. We cannot build our shield on our own. We must get in contact with the giver of faith, as well as other shield bearers. Only then can we withstand the attacks of the enemy.โดย Doug Gilford
Rory continues our series in John’s gospel by preaching from John 1:19-28. In this passage we see the astounding claim John makes about Jesus and what it means for those who want to follow him.โดย Copyright Cornerstone Church Kingston
Cornerstone Church Athens 4680 Lexington Rd. Athens, GA 30605 (706) 549-0000 Facebook - Instagram -โดย Pastor Scott Sheppard
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