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Go to to order your Backbone and get free access to 350 games for a limited time! Go to and take the skincare quiz to get up to 70% off your 30-day trial. Benny, Dan, and Andy discussing rumored MCU TV Shows and coming up with our own!…
Enter for a chance to win Amazing Spider-Man #365 graded 9.0 at Discussing and reading Zack Snyder's plans for his original DCEU plansโดย Comicstorian
Visit to get Honey for free. Sign up at to start streaming on your favorite devices. Discussing whether or not Marvel or DC is more iconic in this worldโดย Comicstorian
Go to to get any 3-month plan and 3 more months free. Visit to get Honey for free. Benny, Dan, and Andy discuss what killed the hype in Comic Booksโดย Comicstorian
Dan and Benny talk about Jonathan Kent Superman being bisexual. Visit to get Honey for free. Go to to cut your wireless bill to $15 a month.โดย Comicstorian
Visit to get Honey for free. Benny, Andy, and Dan talk about the upcoming Injustice Animated Movie trailer and begin a game where Benny describes a death and Andy and Dan have to guess who's death it isโดย Comicstorian
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