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What does it take for cooperatives to take hold in the economy? Principle six of the seven international cooperative principles is “cooperation among cooperatives,” but this […]โดย Nathan Schneider for KGNU
In this episode, we talk about agriculture and cooperatives. Agriculture, homesteading and the rural lifestyle was at one time the economic backbone of the state and is in many ways the key heritage of the state. Colorado agriculture generates more than $41B in economic activity and employs more than 173k people in the state. Production agriculture…
In most companies, the job of the Human Resources department is to manage the workforce so as to benefit the company’s outside owners. But what about […]โดย Nathan Schneider for KGNU
As Metro Denver undergoes drastic changes, what does it mean to build community wealth? Yessica Holguin is a fellow at the Community Wealth Building Network, where […]โดย Nathan Schneider for KGNU
For decades now, municipalities, utility co-ops, and neighborhoods have been providing internet service in remarkable ways, often with little recognition or visibility. But as the federal […]โดย Nathan Schneider for KGNU
Starting a business is hard, and investor-driven models can incline entrepreneurs to put profit before community. A new generation of cooperative business incubators are changing that […]โดย Nathan Schneider for KGNU
Today, host Nathan Schneider looks at the intersection of spirituality and co-operative economics. Today’s guests are: Sierra McNamara, founder of the Mayu Meditation Co-operative in Denver […]โดย Nathan Schneider for KGNU
Today, host Nathan Schneider finds out about worker owned co-operative tech businesses in the Boulder/Denver area. The tech industry typically celebrates its lone-genius founders, its […]โดย Nathan Schneider for KGNU
Congressman Jared Polis is the guest on today’s Co-op Power Hour to talk about the trend toward employee owned businesses. Rep. Polis sponsored the Worker Ownership […]โดย Nathan Schneider for KGNU
Today on the Co-op Power Hour, co-hosts Jason Wiener and Paul Bindel look at how co-operatives are benefiting immigrant communities which are often vulnerable to exploitation […]โดย Nathan Schneider for KGNU
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